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Callen David from Muscle & Fitness – My Fitness Tips for Beginners

Getting started is always the hard part. If you haven’t been physically active for a while, it’s hard to begin a routine. The gym can be an intimidating place. Where do you start if you haven’t done a crunch or walked more than the distance from your car to your desk at work?

How to get started with a new program or routine:

1. Slow Start

You might have had a crazy level of fitness during high school. Maybe you could lift 200 pounds overhead, do the splits, run a 5-minute mile, and still have the energy for a dance after the football game. However, you’re not 17 anymore.

2. Perform workouts that you can handle

Hurting yourself is the fastest way to ensure that you never get in shape.

  • Some stress is normal, but too much can be bad. The best workouts will stress your body just enough that it must adapt, but not too much that you take longer to recover or you hurt and cause damage to yourself.
  • Some great news: You don’t have to do a lot, in the beginning, to see real results if you’re routine is currently moving back & forth between sitting at a desk and couch then a short walk on the treadmill is beneficial. If you can’t or haven’t done a push up in 10 years, maybe start doing pushups against the wall.
  • You can get more results with a 15-minute easy workout than a highly fit person can get from 90 minutes of hard work. Enjoy the advantages of being a beginner.

3. Consistency

I can’t stress this enough, stay with it! Even a mild workout every day will do more for you than one extreme workout a week. Instead of focusing on the intensity, work on making it to the gym regularly.

4. What you eat is important

I’m assuming you want to lose weight, or burn fat, so what you eat is far more important than the exercise you perform. At the end of the day, it’s calories in vs. calories out. It’s much easier to eat more calories in an hour than a professional athlete can burn in hours. Running away from the refrigerator might be the best exercise, Haha!

5. Find a Fitness Buddy

It’s never easy changing your schedule, or putting time aside to make it to the gym, but having someone else that is counting on you as well increases your compliance.

6. Find an Expert & Get Help

Again, don’t get yourself hurt, find a professional if you’ve never exercised before. Learn safe techniques and have your trainer or coach create a  program customized for you.

7. Simplicity

A few basic exercises is enough to get all the benefits you’ll need. The basics never change, and are still used by every 30+ year veteran of fitness.

8. It should be fun

Do you like playing Basketball? Join a league at your gym for some extra cardio. Find an exercise that you enjoy. You’re beginning, you’re not training for a bodybuilding contest, unless that’s your goal, cause there’s specific training for that too. There are many forms of exercise that can fit the bill for increasing your fitness.

9. Be a well-rounded athlete

Flexibility, cardio, and strength are all important! Don’t be afraid of weights cause you think you’ll be bulky, it doesn’t work like that. Don’t shy away from cardiovascular work, take it easy at first to get comfortable, and especially as you age, Flexibility becomes more and more important. If all you do is run, your flexibility and strength will lack. Ensure you hit all three of these areas of concern.

10. Track Progress

Small increases in progress weekly can keep you motivated. Enjoy the fact as a beginner, you’ll be making great progress!

Get excited and find a new program today. You don’t even need to join a gym. Your body or a set of exercise bands is enough to started. I offer numerous customized programs that you can do right from home. Here is a -week Meal Plan and Program that requires only body weight and can be done at home.

Take your time and enjoy the Process!

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