Nutrition Most Underrated Secret In Your Diet


First of all, let me be real with you. I hate the idea of a “diet” I believe diets are restrictive and damaging to humans, often making the majority of “dieters” have intense cravings. Giving into binges and failing themselves. Making them have to restart the “diet”. However, if it’s just a diet to cut out processed junk that your body does not need, that’s one of the few times I am all for it!

Now to me, a person’s diet should be their choosing to eat, however, and whatever they would like as long as it fits within the Macros. Hitting your macronutrients is going to be vital for muscle growth and repair, especially when paired with intense training. Now when trying to lose weight that’s when we start “adjusting” your macros accordingly to tell your body it’s time to shed a few extra pounds. Rather than starving ourselves of carbs, or any sweets. Allowing you to still lose weight while enjoying the foods you like.

Let’s talk about the most important part of this way of eating. When eating a macro-based “diet” it’s important to have a higher protein intake for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason for eating a high protein diet though is, that you will burn more calories in digestion, almost like burning extra calories doing nothing. “Wyatt say what!?”

Let me explain. When eating protein depending on your body it burns between 7-15 calories for every 100 calories worth eaten. Now when eating carbs and fats your body will only burn 3-5 calories in digestion for that same 100 calories. Let me reference, depending on your metabolism, and what your Basal Metabolic Rate is. This means if you were to eat 2400 calories everyday, assuming that’s what your BMR is. Especially when its already putting you into a calorie deficit. If you were to eat 1000 calories in protein, which is 250g of protein. Very do-able. That you would burn an extra 70 calories on the low end and an extra 150 calories on the higher end. Making your day end calories between 2,330-2,250 calories without any extra exercise or restriction.

In conclusion I highly recommend you up your protein intake and see how your body changes.

*Always consult with a physician before making changes in your diet.


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