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Morning Routine to Feel Refreshed Every day, it is critical to have a morning routine that you not only look forward to but makes you want to jump out of bed! Throughout the day, there are so many obstacles that can show up and basically… slap you in the face when you least expect it. Whether it is something at work or just your energy fading at the end of the day, the one thing that you ALWAYS have control over is your morning.

Everyone is different, so it is important to find a morning routine that works best for you. My morning routine is something that I get EXCITED about, and yours should do the same!

First things first — do not hit snooze!

Most people do this in the morning without even thinking about it, they leave lee-way when they set their alarms the night before, and in the morning, allow themselves to hit snooze 3-4 times before they decide to actually wake up for the day. But what you don’t realize, is that every time you hit snooze, you are subconsciously losing trust in yourself. The act of hitting snooze comes down to simply telling yourself you’re going to do something, and then not doing it, just for an extra couple of minutes of sleep. To solve this, if you set your alarm for the latest time possible that you can sleep in, and simply wake up at that time, you will continuously gain more and more trust in yourself, which is crucial for confidence.

Another thing that is important in the morning is organization.

The first thing you can do for the organization for the day makes your bed. It seems like such a simple task, but it truly is something that can change the basis of your day, and it is the freaking easiest task that you can finish in 15 seconds! Once you’re ready, you have already finished your first task of the day! It is very satisfying to be able to walk into your room at any time and have a bed that’s clean, and it sets you up for an organized, and in focus mind.

After I make my bed, the first thing I do is my morning yoga, I start with a simple routine of beginner yoga moves such as downward dog, cobra, child’s pose, etc. Once I get a good flow of positions going, I repeat it about 2-3 times, and then I stretch wherever I feel the most need. This is such a good way to get grounded and set the pace for the day. Yoga also increases focus and concentration, as well as releasing any stiffness from over the night.

Another part of my morning routine is exercise.

This is best once I finish my yoga so my body is warmed up, and ready to go! Working out in the morning releases endorphins supports weight loss, increases your energy to kick start your day, and leaves a great sense of accomplishment when you’ve already finished your workout for the day! And the best part of working out in the morning is that there are no excuses! You may have to wake up earlier than normal in order to do this, but let me tell you, it is worth it! No matter what comes during the rest of the day, none of it can affect your workout, because you already went!

Lastly, is my green juice and water.

I make sure to drink at least 16 oz. of water before I drink anything else. But once I’ve drank my water, I then drink my green juice, which is whatever I decide for that day. If I have time the night before, I love to juice my own celery lemon juice, with one stalk of celery and half of a lemon. This is great to boost your metabolism in the morning, aid in hydration, and help beyond belief with digestion, inflammation, etc.

But, if I do not have time the night before, I always have with me my organic green juices. If you buy pre-made ones it is extremely important to find ones with no added sugar, and that are not processed with a bunch of added ingredients that will not benefit your health. This is a great way to get most of your vitamins and minerals for the day which gives you excess energy to kick start your day!

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