Lifestyle Mind Shifter – Change Your Thinking In 2016

Can you change your thinking?

You know what health professionals say: New Year, new you, but isn’t that an extremely difficult thought? Well, it is challenging to think that in the New Year, you should restore your life by getting rid of bad habits and instantly emerge as the best possible version of you. It is time to create New Year’s resolutions by setting the right goals and intentions: one that will lead to positive steps towards a healthy life. Here is an expert view on how to change your thinking about your 2016 resolutions.

 1. Write a personal mission statement

The key to changing your thinking in the New Year is to the change the sense of who you are, what you value and what you are about to become. Write a personal mission statement to clarify these things. Detail the time of the day when you can do your exercise or eat your healthy meals, and be confident that these statements and activities are realistic to you.

2. Don’t over commit

If you think you are going to start from working out from zero days to seven a week, you are absolutely mistaken. Break down your goals in small, manageable steps that are purposely defined and can be measured. If your New Year resolutions is to start eating healthier food, do not immediately cut all curbs, sweets fats and much more because looking at healthy eating as a punishment can create a negative mental association that will bar you from sticking to it. Besides, if you are over committed to work out that is beyond your capabilities, it might discourage the first time when you slip up.

3. Change one behavior at a time

To improve your success, focus on single change or goal at a time. Remember, people develop unhealthy behaviors over a period of time, so embracing healthy ones require time too. Don’t try to change too much too fast. By replacing one behavior at a time, in gradual steps, you will give yourself the right time to acclimate to the change both physically and mentally.

4. Involve a buddy

Almost everything is easier to undertake when you get the help of a friend, coworker or family member. May be it is someone who will go to the gym with you or someone who is trying to stop a similar negative habit. Having someone with whom you can share your success or struggles, makes your mission less intimidating and easier. It is more encouraging when someone sitting next to you is also working out or eating healthy.

5. Seek support

Seeking help from those people who care about you will strengthen your commitment and resilience. If you feel challenged or unable to meet your healthy heating or workout goals, consider seeking assistance from experienced and skilled individuals. Just remember, no one is perfect, you will have some lapses, but be kind to yourself. Minor misses to your goals are okay and normal, so when you skip the gym or eat brownie, don’t give up. 

Resolve and get back on track!

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