Nutrition Losing Weight – 4 Things You Need to Know

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Check my tips on the safest and most effective ways in losing weight

In my twenty years of coaching people, I have mastered the safest and most effective ways to burn fat and get people lean. Every diet you have ever done, or will ever do is comprised of one or more of these. The trick is to understand and learn how to cascade them all at the same time.

Here are the top 4 things you need to know about losing weight:


That means your body needs to burn more calories than it takes in. People that do the best with this follow a specific plan. That is one of the services I provide. Bottom line, figure out how much you eat every day and cut back 10-15%.

Another component to the “deficit” is exercise. Don’t do too much! Most people jump out of the gate like a race horse from the starting gate. That might be too much if you have not been exercising for a long time, or if you are just starting a new program. Consider a simple walking program, and build the habit of walking everyday!


You’re not going to lose fat if you are eating out at restaurants. When you dine out or “take out” you are ingesting calories that you cannot account for because someone else is doing the cooking. It could be too much sugar or too much fat.

I help my clients learn how to eat out effectively so that they stay within their nutrition guidelines.


Short for “macronutrient ratios”. These are what make up calories. They are proteins, fats, and carbs. When you learn how to combine them in the right proportions, your body will begin to use stored body fat for energy and it will not only store less fat, but it will use more fat that is already stored for your body’s energy demands.

I teach my clients how to to make this so simple so that they get their metabolism to release stored fat fast. If you want to get lean and stay lean, you need to learn how!


When you eat has a huge impact on how your body manages its work for you are against you. It is critical to component to weight loss.

I teach my clients everything they need to know about meal frequency and nutrient timing so that they can once and for all begin to manage losing weight, without any tricks or gimmicks. For example, skipping breakfast so that you end up fasting for 16 hours can be very beneficial to help you burn fat.

Quick review:

  • Eat all of your meals for the day within an eight-hour window. Try to be consistent with the same eight-hour window every day.
  • Think healthy and low-carb. Cut way back on rice, pasta, and bread. Eat a lot more veggies.
  • Every meal should have some protein and lots of vegetables.
  • Start a walking plan. Do what you can and work up to 1 mile a day. If you can do two miles, even better. If you need to split up your walking into two sessions, no problem. The idea is to get you to move more and burn more calories than you normally do. Slowly increase your distance to 3 miles and perhaps a longer walk (hike) on the weekend. You must make the time for this, otherwise your plan of losing weight will just not happen.

Let me know how you’re doing, okay?

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