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Life is so much more than just a number on a scale!

Tried losing weight? I’m sure you have.

Most adults have tried to change their weight at SOME point in their life. Whether they wanted to gain weight or lose it… We have all been there at some point.

We are taught to set SMART goals. Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time Based. So what’s the easiest goal to choose? “I want to lose 60 lbs in 6 months.” A perfectly set amount of pounds you want to lose in a specific time frame. The perfect “SMART” goal. Articles and videos advertising titles like “Lose 10 lbs FAST!” Make it seem ever so easy!

Unfortunately this leaves out SO many variables. Do you have health concerns? What room for exercise does your work schedule leave? And many more things in question that will impact this. So the perfectly smart goal is not so perfect and not so smart.

Outside of the fact that most diets or exercise routines involved in the “rapid change” ads are not sustainable for a longer period (therefore it is almost impossible to make them a habit rather than “just a diet” etc.) the biggest issue is: the fact that we are overlooking so much which can be considered success and/or progress!

So when you set your fitness goal think big and take more into consideration than just the number on the scale!

1. Your body weight is more than just fat: You have bones, muscles, organs. Losing weight also usually means losing muscle mass. RARELY does someone need/want to lose that though! More often than not we want to lose BODY FAT. This is an important difference when it comes to your scans, body composition etc. When working with a trainer/nutritionist you always want to specify what kind of body weight you want to lose or gain!

2. Progress is measurable in so many more ways than numbers. Walking up the stairs sucked the air out of you or bothered your knees? This might change during your journey and as it improves… enjoy it and be proud of yourself! This happened because of the hard work you put into your health! You had an old pair of jeans that fit again even though your scale didn’t show any change? Clearly something happened! Your sleep schedule improved? You are in a better mood and feel more stable in life? And so on…

Life is so much more than just a number. YOU are more than just a number. Your health is more than just a number. So think big and enjoy all the small victories and the progress you are making! They are all part of the journey leading up to your ultimate goal. There is wrong with wanting to gain or lose weight but there is also so much more to it!

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