Exercise The Importance Of Walking

We are all well aware that walking is good for us.

The importance of walking

However, if you where to ask a handful of people why this is the case, you’d get a handful of different replies. So lets break down the fundamental reason of why walking is good for our entire body; from a  COOPER INSTITUTE trained functional movement perspective.

PREFACE: I recently attended yet another course on functional movement training @ the COOPER INSTITUTE in Dallas, TX. If you’ve been there then you know its world class learning environment. The best of the pro & college sports team(s) travel to the institute to asses and test their physical limits, as well as learn how to improve their mechanics and movements. If you never plan on attending another continuing education course, I recommend making the FMS course at this institute your last one.

WALKING is a movement that incorporates hundred of muscles, can cause weightloss, improve aerobic capacity, and  provides mobility of the hips, etcetera.

To get the real benefit of walking we must do it often

Which is where most of us fall short.

IF your only exercise is walking the minimum you participate in the activity is no less than 40 minutes at a time. This allows for the core to be engaged and your abs to hold your body erect and upright. Thereby, strengthening and improving your abilities.

OBVIOUSLY your hips will be benefiting as well, even if you use walking sticks or take breaks during your walk. Hip mobility is especially important to aging well. If you lack hip mobility, you can regain it by practicing walking.

NOW I am not going to dive into the weight loss benefits in depth. However, if you have questions on my viewpoints please message www.fitpro4life.trainerize.com or check out me out on facebook @ Jeff Staples and I’ll explain further. However, in order to burn calories you must work at a certain level of intensity. This means if your playing on your phone, texting, talking, etc. then your NOT working hard enough.

If you can say the sentence “I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches” clearly and without any variance/pause in your voice; then your not working hard enough. Side note: if you are huffing and puffing, cannot complete the sentence, your working to hard.

Hope you enjoy these tips. If you have any questions read thru the article and find my info.

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