Nutrition “I’m scared of failing again”

"I'm scared of failing again"

“I’m scared of failing again” – does it sound familiar?

For many people dieting becomes a lifestyle and you move from one diet to the next hoping that this is ‘THE ONE’ that will work for you!

I have got news for you, it more than likely is not and will not be your last diet unless you change these 3 things:

1. Your Mindset

2. Your attitude towards why you are where you are now and start being realistic

3. Turn on your power button

Let’s take each of these and tell you what the hell you are doing wrong with them and how to change it! First up…


If you have read any of my other blogs you will know this is the NUMBER 1 thing that stops the majority of people from achieving what they want to achieve. In this situation, our mindset is telling us we cannot do something and that if we try we will probably fail because we have failed before. You are already going into your next diet thinking that it is only short-term, ‘I just need to stick with this for 6 weeks to lose……’ ‘I only need to be super good with everything for 1 week to kick myself back into a good routine’ but… you told yourself that last time, and the time before that, you are now 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years further down the line and not much has changed apart from the fact you have lost and gained weight a few times over.


You want to tell yourself this is your lifestyle and you are taking it steady, you are not eliminating everything ‘bad’ from your house and being ‘super good’ forever and ever and ever. You can and will have cake on birthdays and when you are going out for coffee with friends, you will enjoy BBQs without feeling like you are restricting yourself, and you will feel less anxious when going out for a meal or celebration. If you feel you are not ready to commit to this yet, then look at it differently and in an even smaller step.

Start to make 1 better and more mindful choice, every day. Drinking more water, drinking less fizzy drinks, steering clear of Alcohol during the week, and only having a couple of glasses at weekends. This will be a start in the right direction.

If you are an All or Nothing person this will be even more of a challenge for you but it is a step you need to take.


This is where I am going to be very frank with you. Unless you have an eating disorder, you have a medical illness or disease. There is NO reason why you cannot control the food you eat and the exercise you do. I have clients that are in a wheelchair that undergo exercise consistently for their physical and mental health.

You do not want to get to a stage (if not already there) that you are medically being forced to exercise & look deeper at your nutrition, whether that is because you are going into perimenopause, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, or more. You want to choose to improve your health and well-being. And you want to improve your lifestyle, your family’s nutrition, your family’s motivation, and energy! What you do affects everyone around you as well as you.

Your attitude to your day makes a massive difference. Trust me I know! If you wake up in a bad mood and cannot switch yourself out of it, your day is not going to go well, the day will drag and you will go to bed in a worse mood than when you woke up. The kids will drive you mad, all of the drivers on the road won’t be doing what they are supposed to, you will hit every red light and you will probably drop your cup of tea because you are rushing.

Change your mood, change your vibes!
You are NOT big-boned and just meant to be overweight
Also, you are NOT naturally bigger because others in your family are
You are NOT being force-fed food
And you are NOT being forced to sit on your ass and watch Netflix
You are YOU, you can be whatever you want to be, you can choose to move more or less, you can choose to eat better or not.
It is all a choice, what do you choose?

Side note: It is not this simple…. I sit here with a 3rd jaffa cake in 10 minutes but I know I will not eat it until after I finish this blog and have taken the time to think about whether I really want it (I do really want it) and that is ok.

You shouldn’t beat yourself up for making these choices, it is a choice and I decided to eat it!

  • It is not that simple in a supermarket to make a healthier choice because there is SO many choices
  • It’s not easy to make that choice with your mum at the weekend when she plates you up a roast dinner overflowing the plate and you don’t want to seem rude
  • It is not that simple at work when Joanna brings in cakes because… well it is a Wednesday & why not?
If it was easy everyone would do it. This step is just about taking ownership of your actions and not blaming it on someone or something else.


Your Power button is hidden just inside your left earlobe… ok no seriously…!

You are feeling lethargic, you want to start something, you want to get your teeth stuck into something, you need to, you know you need to do something but you just feel blah!

I can 99% guarantee you why you are NOT eating the right foods to give you that energy. Food is the fuel we have heard it before but do we do anything about it?? It is a chicken and egg situation, you know that eating better will help you to have more energy, lose weight, and feel better in general but you just don’t do it or you don’t do it consistently!

Why? You are not being accountable, no one is taking note of what you are doing or following up on the things you said you would do and finding out how you are getting on OR why you are not doing the things you said you would. You will get 1000x better results if you are honest with your coach. Your coach cannot help you unless you are honest with them. That is what you are paying them for. Coaches do not expect you to be a golden child and be amazing with your fitness and nutrition 100% of the time. It is the times you are struggling that we can help you the most.

By turning on your focus, turning on your enthusiasm and drive you will naturally put more energy into life in general. You will have more time and more focus with your family, at work, and on days out. You will feel more YOU than you have done in a LONG time.

Try it, what have you got to lose apart from a couple of lbs.

These 3 tips may seem simple, but ask yourself this. Do you do them? Do you do them consistently? Are you going to take action?

If the answer is that you are going to take action do not do it tomorrow or Monday. You are alive now, you are going to eat today, you are going to move around today. Start NOW! Grab today by the balls and stop messing about.

Let me know how you get on and as always I am here if you need anything at all

Your Coach,

Michelle Motivates Ltd

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