Exercise How to Spend Your Quaran-Time

spend Quaran-Time

How to spend your quaran-time?

It’s no secret the COVID-19 outbreak has hit the world hard. Here in California, we’ve been placed on lockdown! That means no gym, no races, no wandering around shopping malls buying workout clothes – nada!

What that does mean though, is we’re taking our workouts to our living room floors! That’s right, grab your dog, your child, jars of pasta sauce, whatever you want, because we’re working out at home. Now if you don’t have a dog, a child, and you don’t eat pasta (but why), that’s fine! All of these workouts can be done as bodyweight exercises too!

Here are 10 exercises to keep you strong and active from home:

Exercise #1

Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight squats are a great multijoint exercise to get the body moving.

To Do: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your arms stretched overhead. Lead by hinging at the hips, then bending at the knees as you bring yourself down to a squat.

Tip: Keep your knees aligned directly in front of you!

3 sets; 12 reps

Exercise #2

Alternating Reverse Lunges

Alternating Reverse Lunges are a killer exercise to get some of the stabilizer muscles in your legs activated. By moving along the sagittal plane, we’re removing stability. So you may notice a little wobbling as you’re getting used to this exercise!

To Do: Stand with your feet hips distance apart. You can either place your hand on your hips or hold them out in front of you for balance. You’ll begin the lunge by bringing your left leg behind you, planting your foot on the ground, and bending at both knee joints as you slowly sink to the floor. Return to your beginning stance and repeat with the other side, altering sides each time.

Tip: If you’re doing these lunges on a hard surface, feel free to grab a pillow, blanket, or something soft to place on the floor for your back knee cap to land on!

3 Sets; 12 reps total- 6 on each side

Exercise #3

Hip Bridges

Hip Bridges are one of the best exercises for glute activation!

To Do: Lay on your back with your knees bent upward. If you lay your arms flat by your sides, your fingertips should be able to touch the backs of your ankles. If not, just step your ankles in closer to your glutes. The beautiful thing about Hip Bridges is that your glutes are working during the eccentric, isometric, and concentric phases of the exercise. Contract your glutes as you raise your hips off the ground, pause at the top, and slowly bring your hips back down to the floor.

Tip: To add some challenge, add weight! You can grab a water bottle, your laptop, anything you can think of to pick up the intensity!

3 sets; 12 reps

Exercise #4

Single-leg stand-ups

I love to do this exercise while I’m watching TV! It’s so simple, but surprisingly challenging at the same time! You also really find out here if one hip is weaker than the other!

To Do: Sit on a bench, chair, your couch, any slightly elevated surface. Put one leg directly out in front of you, hovering it over the floor. Using just the bent leg, stand up! After standing, resume seated position and switch legs!

Tip: To adjust the intensity on this exercise, you can either use an armrest to assist you, or try standing up with no upper body assistance!

3 Sets; 12 reps total- 6 on each side

Exercise #5

Bird Dog

She said what…? I have no idea why there are called bird dogs, they just are lol. But they’re great for your back and core!

To Do: Position yourself on the floor in a table-top position. In sequence, reach your right arm out in front of you, while also extending your left leg behind you. While both your arm and leg are extended, your left arm and right leg should be supporting you from the floor, and your core should be working to help you hold the position. Return to table-top and complete the exercise on the opposite arm and leg!

Tip: to add some intensity, see if you can do this exercise from a plank position!

3 Sets; 12 reps total- 6 on each side

Exercise #6

Mountain Climbers

Let’s get that core burning! These are your classic Mountain Climbers!

To Do: Start in a plank position with arms extended towards the floor. Alternate legs as you bring one knee towards your chest and tap your toes to the floor space beneath your chest.

Tip: To add a challenge, pick up the speed!

3 sets; 30 seconds each

Exercise #7


Here’s a fun, high energy spin to your average plank!

To Do: Start in a plank position. I like to do this one on my forearms. Then, pop your legs in and out like a jumping jack!

Tip: If you have a Bosu ball or even a pillow, try starting with your feet on that during the “in” position and have your feet land on the floor during the “out” position. This will add a challenge to your workout by removing some stability!

3 sets; 12 reps

Exercise #8

Plank Pull Through

Don’t go anywhere quite yet! We’re staying on the floor for an exercise called Plank Pull Throughs! This is a great exercise not only for your core but for your upper back too! You’ll need a water bottle for this one!

To Do: Start in a plank position with the arms extended down to the floor. Place your water bottle behind your left wrist. With your right hand, pick up the water bottle and place it behind where your right wrist is. Plant your right arm back, directly underneath your right shoulder. With your left arm, grab the water bottle and bring it back over to behind your left wrist!

Tip: Here are some important form considerations for this exercise! Always make sure when you’re planting your arms back on the floor that they are in line with your shoulders. Also, when transitioning the water bottle from side to side, keep your hips from moving! It’s so easy to let them swing from side to side during this exercise, so keep your core tight and keep your hips still!

3 Sets; 12 reps total- 6 on each side

Exercise #9


An exercise as classic as they come! The All-American Push Up!

To Do: Start in the plank position with arms extended directly under the shoulders. Bend at the elbows as your lower your torso to the floor. Then push back up to extended plank!

Tip: For a challenge, keep the elbows tucked in tight towards the body. If you’re still making your way up to the push up big leagues, follow those same directions while planting your knees on the floor too!

3 sets; 10 reps

Exercise #10

Tricep Dips

This exercise is another favorite of mine while I’m watching TV (I watch a lot of Netflix lol, who doesn’t!). And it’s one that’ll quickly have your triceps crying for relief!

To Do: Position yourself on a chair or couch (something that won’t move) with your legs stretched out long in front of you. With your hands on either side of you, grab onto the edge of the seat, and walk your legs out further. Scoot off of the couch or chair that is supporting you. You should only be making contact with the floor from your feet and with the couch or chair from your hands. Use your tricep muscles to lower yourself to the floor and push back up int a hovering position.

Tip: It’s ok if you need to throw a break or two in there! These can get intense!

3 sets; 12 reps

Katie fromĀ Katie And The Kale

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