Lifestyle How to Keep Your Mentality Strong During Quarantine?

Quarantine Mentality

As quarantine becomes more and more “the norm,” we have to adjust our mentality to this new “stay home” lifestyle. To maintain purpose we have to create a new routine. We can’t lose sight of who we are just because we are stuck inside.

Try to keep your morning routine as normal as possible.

Have that cup of coffee, read your usual newspaper (maybe switch to online news to avoid contamination, but you get the idea). This quarantine will pass, but we don’t know when. It can be months until things are “normal” again.

With that being said, rediscover who you are. What do you like? What do you want to accomplish with this time at home? Are you still working? Do you need to improve on skill sets? Write things down! Break out that old notebook and grab a pen! Ask yourself these questions and see where you go. If you don’t have work, what are you doing with your time now? How are you going to pay the bills? How can you become your own boss? What do you have to offer to the world? How can you make a difference in your community from inside? Also, take time to process how you are feeling about these changes. Do you have a support system? We are all being affected by COVID-19, don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable and unsure. No one has “the right” answers, the best you can do is acknowledge where you are and plan out what you want to do to move forward.

Don’t lose sight of your health and fitness goals!

This is not a vacation from working out! You have to adapt and continue working on your goals even if you don’t have a gym to do it in. Chronic diseases are still a thing, heart disease and diabetes didn’t go away. We see on the news that your risks for corona become higher if you have underlying health conditions. You still have to take care of yourself.

If anything you should be taking better care of yourself during this time to help prevent other underlying conditions that could make coronavirus fatal. Let your body be your new project if it wasn’t something that you prioritized before. if it was a priority before keep on working on yourself!

Brittany from WattsElite

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