Trainers Hiring a Fitness Coach

Why Hire a Fitness Coach?  


Many people have a hard time making a long-term commitment to exercise. Do you? The yo-yo effect of starting and stopping is not only defeating, but it’s also downright dangerous! Have you noticed that you have a tendency to “lighten up” the intensity of your workout (or worse, not exercise at all) when you are on your own? A good fitness coach provides accountability and can help you stay on track in the long run. Online coaching is a new and economical way to exercise from the comfort of your home. There is also an economical effect when using a trainer. When things are free, we tend to take them or leave them.  Not so with a paid program. If you pay for it the chances are greater you will participate in it. That’s just the way it works!


A fitness coach should always have your safety in mind. We are trained to help you avoid injury and use equipment properly. We look for indications of misalignment in the body while you exercise, keeping you in good form throughout each movement. Bad form is an injury waiting to happen. If you take medications, your coach should be knowledgeable concerning how they might affect your performance and overall health when exercise is planned for you.


Exercising regularly is a time commitment. It makes sense to use that time wisely. A  fitness coach can help you maximize your workout by helping you accomplish more in less time, moving you toward your goals much faster.


A good coach will make your workouts more enjoyable. Making exercise less tedious and more fun helps with motivation, makes the time pass more quickly, and allows you to meet your goals in less time.

Mark Guthrie
Five Point Fitness

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