Exercise Burn More With High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

 high intensity interval training

There are several factors that make high intensity interval training the fastest growing and most popular form of exercising.

I often wondered how magazine models got their ab’s. As I continued to strain through the same old fashion sit up’s, I began to doubt that I would ever get a body like that. The answer had come.

During my training as a trainer, I learned that explosive energy exertion has many benefits! Many of which got me to where I am today.

There are several factors that make high-intensity interval training the fastest growing and most popular form of exercising. Studies have shown that by using HIIT, the Basal Metabolic Rate will increase, allowing for one to continue burning even at rest! HIIT is known to increase endurance, power, speed, athletic performance, agility, and fat burning.

HIIT Circuit

I recorded my own HIIT circuit in order to calibrate the effectiveness of this theory. I engaged in multiple exercises that are known to raise the heart rate to the recommended 80%. Battle rope waves, 30 sec. Burpees, 30 sec. Ball slams, 30 sec. Box Jumps for 30 sec. All these surely activated the intensity in my heart rate. I peeked at my Apple watch and saw an amazing 182 heart rate. 3 circuits, while incorporating a little bit of strength training, allowed me to burn a total of 1,018 calories. Fascinating! The theory has been proven factual.

When the body moves at an 80% level, it is forced to use a maximum amount of oxygen. As a result, you’ll feel quick exhaustion. The body then has to work harder to reconstruct itself, even after the workout, allowing for more calories to be burned baby! HIIT has become my new way of life. I Incorporate HIIT even during a strength training day. The benefits are quick and beneficial.

Below is a chart, which shows the target heart rate that one should reach in order to maintain a proper high-intensity workout. No more old-fashioned sit-ups and no more self-doubt, the secret is out, the results are there, all you have to do is go and get yours!


High Intensity Interval Training

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