Lifestyle Happily Ever After- Keeping The Transformation

Happily Ever After- Keeping The Transformation

Happily Ever After- Keeping The Transformation

You have walked down the aisle, the pictures look perfect & the honeymoons a few weeks behind you now. It’s time to go over one of the most important things in fitness, keep in your new body. 

What do you enjoy?

One of the biggest factors in transformation is consistency. An easy way to make sure that you keep your transformation is to keep consistency in your workouts. It’s easy to keep going to the gym if you actually enjoy your workouts. Start by thinking about the exercise that you actually look forward to doing & I would probably remove the ones that you dread. 

Most people like improving in areas they’re enjoying.

Same or Different?

We would also encourage you to try different exercises & different types of workouts. Whether you enjoy lifting weights or yoga and pilates, trying different types of fitness and workouts can help encourage you to keep seeing progress & also helps make sure you actually enjoy your workouts.

How many days do I need to work out now?

Just like before where you were working out 3 to 4 times a week, should be enough to keep lasting results as long as you’re focusing on keeping your transformation after your wedding. Keep in mind this also would include any new kinds of workouts or exercises that you’ve decided to try out.

What about the food?

During your transformation, you’ve seen the way you eat & the food you eat in a different light. I would start by slowly introducing some of the food you enjoy back into what you eat, just make sure you don’t get too carried away with it. One piece of pizza or some ice cream won’t completely undo all the progress you’ve made as long as you keep it to a reasonable amount.

And that’s about it to keep your transformation for happily ever after. Just make sure you enjoy what you’re doing & keeping an eye on the food you eat.
Nathan Morche: NASM-CPT

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