Exercise Frustrated with Fat Loss, Part 1: Don’t Panic

Weight loss - fat loss

Are you finding it difficult to shed off the unwanted kgs of fat? You’re not alone! there are a lot of other people that share a similar frustration. The main problem is too much information.
Eat this, Don’t eat that, Only eat after midday, Don’t feed your Mogwai after midnight…. ok so maybe not the last one.

So why is it so hard to make a change if we have all the info?

One of the top reasons I hear, and what causes so mush frustration is perceived lack of results.

Here’s the thing. Very rarely does anyone stick to a single program long enough to see the benefits, sometimes even when benefits are starting to happen you still won’t see them on the surface yet. This is because “Results” aren’t an overnight occurrence.

Let me make this perfectly clear…. Anything… ANYTHING that says you will lose upwards of 5kgs body fat per week is lying to you.

I should note here that there are certain methods used by people who compete in weight class divisions (fighters etc) where it is achievable to lose large amounts of body weight (most cellular fluid) in a short amount of time. However this is not for a long term sustainable effect.

In fact a reasonable amount to lose per week in terms of weight is anywhere between 200-800g, depending on how much body fat you have to lose. This is a good results and nothing to be disappointed with. This level of weight loss ensures you can maintain muscle mass and that the actual weight lost is from a fat source.

Another main source of frustration with fat loss is the dreaded plateau.

You start out so well with consistent results and all of a sudden BAM! You hit the wall and can’t seem to move past a certain weight.

Don’t Panic.

The first thing that needs explaining here is that not all results correlate to weight loss. Meaning you don’t have to have a change on the scales to look and feel better. Is it possible to weigh more and look fitter, more toned or totally ripped? In most cases definitely yes.

Secondly, a lot of internal changes are happening once you start to eat better and exercise that aren’t always instantly obvious from the outside.

Weight isn’t everything, the break down of body composition is far more important. As an example, someone who weighs 100kgs with a body fat percentage of 35% looks a lot different to someone who weighs 100kgs with a body fat percentage of 8%. However if you only look at the scales they read identically.

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