Nutrition Food for Thought: Diets and Comfort Food

food for thought

98% of diets do not work.

Overeating is a habit of action which is run by a habit of thought.

“I must not/I can’t have” thoughts make you want it even more. Whatever you suppress will eventually need to be satiated.

We have trained ourselves to believe that cookies, cakes, fast-food etc. are ‘comfort food.’ We have taught ourselves to believe that these foods will make us feel better. It is an emotional connection that these “bad foods” are also somehow “comforting.” If you think about it, what is comforting about an upset stomach, bloating, indigestion or the things we say to ourselves after consuming these foods? We have decided that these “comfort foods” will make us feel better; yet we spend the next few hours or days, beating ourselves up about consuming them. When you change the habit of thought, you change the habit of action forever. Teach your brain to want delicious, healthy foods.  Food is Food; it is neither ‘GOOD’ or ‘BAD.’ Your body doesn’t want chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, colorants or junk. – Your mind has been taught to want this; it’s an emotional craving.

Your body wants to be fed healthily… with natural real food.

 Understanding your triggers:

  • How did you come to the belief that ‘junk’ food makes you happy?
  • When did you start to believe that ‘junk’ food is something you can’t have?
  • Why do you believe that ‘junk’ food is delicious and something that your body wants?

 If you were to have a slice of cake or piece of candy, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. You do not need to beat yourself up about it. Stop telling yourself you CAN’T have these things; it only makes them more alluring. If you decide that whatever you would like to eat is always available to you, you will naturally begin choosing foods that are REAL and Healthy.

Real food is the ultimate comfort food. It will make you feel happy, youthful, healthy, energetic and full of life.


What do you think?