Wellness Fear Is the Lowest Vibration on the Planet


Be Fearless

When your thoughts are in panic, stress or an anxious mode, it triggers your sympathetic nervous system which is the one in charge of your flight/fight/freeze response. When in panic as a result of COVID-19 for example, it also affects your adrenals, the symptoms include fatigue/tiredness which can fog your mind and make you not necessarily able to make the best decision at the moment.

What can do you to move away from the flight/fight/freeze response in your body?

  • Breathing: Breathe in and out through your nose, and feel it your belly, not your chest, and take a moment in the present, here is a video that will show you some breathing techniques
  • Meditation: Take at least 5 minutes daily to focus on the present moment. You can use the breathing technique as your meditation time as well, here is another meditation that you can follow daily
  • Exercise: This is an important part to start bringing your attention back to your body, here is another idea to exercise

Be Positive

In a situation of fear or panic the best solution is to move away from your sympathetic nervous system, and towards your parasympathetic system which is basically moving away from flight/fight/freeze. There are a few things that you can do other than breathing, meditation, and exercise, for example: focus on positivity, gratitude, and ask yourself what you learned from this experience or global situation, what is your positive contribution to this planet, city, or home to make it a better place for you and your family. In order to get your body into your parasympathetic system, practice the following:

  1. Schedule family quality time, now is the best time for it. Hug, kiss and stay together
  2. Efficiently use your time, schedule, and set the proper priorities in the correct order, and stay away from guilt
  3. Create affirmations to move your thoughts to be more positive. Focus on positive outcomes that contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and human beings

Be in Your Body

Now you want to allow your body to do the work automatically; by putting in practice the 6 tips I just shared with you now your body will be able to use your automatic nervous system and will support your wellbeing and increase automatically your immune system. Now your body can work with calm, ease and flow from the inside-out.

Breath – Meditate – Exercise – Gratitude – Affirmations – Quality Time

Last and not least is food, nutrients, fuel to nurture your body to increase your immune system. This is the best moment to start supplement your body with the proper nutritional products. And please don’t settle with cheap products from Costco or Walmart. Invest in your health and your body will return the favor in good sex, balance hormones, joy, content, positive mind, overall health and much more.

Nurture your body, mind, and soul daily especially this time more than ever.

If you want to be able to bring some of the physical activities to your house with guidance, coaching and more feel free to book a complimentary assessment with me. I am here to contribute to your wellbeing now more than ever before. Contact me at [email protected]

Denise “Dee” Mago, Personal Trainer and Reiki Master, Founder of Dee Health n’ Fitness, Author, podcaster and Youtuber, NakedFit

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