Nutrition Fat Loss: Exercise vs Nutrition

Which is more important for fat loss? Exercise vs Nutrition

Fat Loss: Exercise vs Nutrition

Well Ill tell you this, even if you ask the top fitness professionals in the industry, those of whom preach training principles for optimal physique results, the vast majority will accept that fat loss success mainly comes from nutrition.

Oh… really? If youre one to think this, dont be too surprised. What you consume has one of the major impacts on how your body looks.

Exercise vs Nutrition

You know that saying, you are what you eat unless you randomly cluck like a chicken or look green like a broccoli, it is kinda true.

Here’s why nutrition holds superiority

Firstly, if you were to drop the number of calories youre consuming by a controlled amount, without the slightest physical activity, youll start dropping weight. Hold your horses though, I wouldnt just cash out on that idea.

The main rule of fat loss is

calorie in vs calories out

So, if your body uses more calories to function than it consumes, yes, youll be going in the right direction. However, you risk the chance of muscle loss.

Now trust me, you dont want that. Exercise, specifically strength is where such element plays an important role to a balanced effective lean gaining programme.

Muscle plays a big role on our metabolic rate

Muscle plays a big role on our metabolic rate, and the more you have, the higher number of calories that will be spent generally. In other words, better chance of fat loss.

Effective direction brings you results you feel good about.

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