Wellness Expectation vs. Reality Of Exercise In 2017

Is your expectation real?

With 2017 in full swing, gym memberships and supplement brands bringing people through the door, what if anything is anyone achieving?

Does getting a gym membership, buying the newest and proclaimed most effective, clean stack mean you’ll be the next Mike O’Hearn or Dana Lyn Bailey?

Unfortunately the answer is NO.

Expectation vs Reality Of Exercise In 2017

Mike O’Hearn – One of the biggest names in the industry, former gladiator now influential in the fitness industry has been training for many many years and is now in his 40’s. Credit: BB.com

What does this mean for you?

Well what it does mean is that everyone’s body, goals and outcome of the efforts put in will adversely determine what you will see the next time you look in the mirror, without knowing where you’re going or how you’re going to do it. You won’t see results so be accountable, the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” should get bells ringing in your head.

Expectation vs. Reality Of Exercise In 2017

Now that your expectation is real, you may feel somewhat discouraged and I in no way want you to feel that at all. Understanding what your body is and isn’t capable and even more what it will look like is imperative for self motivation. With the plethora of information available currently, it’s almost limitless to see that with commitment, dedication and consistency that all things are possible. Understanding what the human body can and can’t do naturally is vital when it comes to building a body and sustaining a healthy and prolonged lifestyle.

Expectation vs Reality Of Exercise In 2017

Dana Lyn Bailey – Ms Olympia, trained 8 years to be at competition level. Credit: WHG

Make a plan

Read as much as you can, talk to professionals, athletes, trainers, exercise physiologists and gather enough information to conclude what is attainable and how long it may take. Map it out, draw a plan and execute, finish what you start and enjoy the journey. Let’s not forget to have fun while doing it!

In the last 10 years I’ve spent countless hours reading, understanding and applying myself to fitness, nutrition, exercise science. I still find myself learning something new everyday opening me up to a vast multitude of people to help on their journey as well as on my own. I have had my own transformation, which has taken years to attain and daily discipline to maintain, that continues to inspire and motivate many.

Expectation vs Reality Of Exercise In 2017

Train hard, eat well, be happy, stay consistent and do well in all things!



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