Exercise How to Exercise without a Gym

Typically if someone has goal involving exercise (lose weight, gain muscle, aesthetic improvement etc), joining a gym or recreation center would come to mind. For specific ambitions (bodybuilding, powerlifting, group class attendees, etc.) this option is the most feasible. However, there are various other alternatives to exercise other than signing up to the closest gym or recreational center.

How to Exercise without a Gym

Here are three ideas for exercising without the expense of a gym membership:

Exercising in-home

Depending on personal goals, exercise can be completed with body-weight only, or  low-cost purchases of exercise equipment. Equipment for a typical workout can include a adjustable dumbbell set for weight training, an inflatable stability ball, sliders or towels for abdominal exercises such as mountain climbers.  For stretching and additional abdominal exercises, a floor mat is recommended. To keep the energy during the workout, be sure to play your favorite music on speaker. The possibilities are endless depending on the equipment purchased.

Outdoor Exercise

Who likes to stay indoors for the entire day?  With exercising outdoors, there is a plethora of options available such as taking a stroll through the neighborhood, running on the beach, bicycle riding, and with the appropriate equipment, outdoor weight-training is also an option. A psychological advantage to this type of exercise is the breaking of the monotony of being in enclosed space for the day and offers a more scenic route than your home or fitness facility could offer.  Don’t want to do it alone, invite a friend or a group of friends to complete the activity with you.

Use Free Exercise Videos

There are too many free YouTube videos to count with various types of exercise (H.I.I.T classes, Yoga, Weight-Training, Body-weight Training, Cycling, you name it.) Most gyms do offer this amenity, but typically with a charge of some sort.  Buy the equipment for your home once and you’ll have unlimited access to your choice of class.  Also, this takes some guess-work of the exercise programming to fit an individual’s personal goals.

The methods and ideas listed above just scratch the services of many choices available in regards to exercising without the expense of paying a monthly gym membership.  Being resourceful with surroundings can prevent an unnecessary annual expense of using a gym or recreational center.

Try these out and enjoy!

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