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body and mind

In your body transformation success, you must engage your mind and your body, because they are one.

In Your Face simply means that you must take a look inside your head, which usually reveals an expression On Your Face!

I have used the Keto lifestyle as an example of how I changed things around for myself. These 7 Steps are really universal in that your meal plan and active lifestyle will have to address every step of my guideline.  Food must propel your body to become a carb fighting machine 24/7. 

As this is occurring you must also engage your mind and your body because they are one.

Movement is the best way of keeping your body fully functional – especially as we age.  As I approach 60 years old, I have been blessed to have some of the best teachers take me in early on.  Thankfully, I was wise enough to shut up and listen. 

For anyone that has been a high-performance athlete, it’s an awesome feeling knowing you can perform at a level most cannot imagine – but if you think about it, anyone can be high performance in their own rite.

If we are basing our progress on improvement it is all relative – that’s when I began calling my clients athletes.  Some were uncomfortable at first but when they figured out that they were high-performing athletes.  That came to a screeching halt when others began to notice their appearance and how these newfound athletes carried themselves was also noticeable.

That feeling I just spoke of has encouraged my clients to start families, become fitness experts, start businesses, go back to school, and more.  Best of all, once you learn the basics it’s free!

Yes, I am a personal trainer.  A trainer’s real job is to help people and most of us need different things.  Some get the exercise physiology and some do not. Yet they know they need it – so that s where I come in. If you want to work with me you actually have to work. Inside and outside of the kitchen!

My promise to you – apply what you learn.  If something is not working – move on just don’t quit.  Never look for a way out – work to stay involved and committed.  You will be hugely successful. 

Positivity is a must!

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