Nutrition Eating Healthy Isn’t Just for You: Tips for Your Kids’ Health

A healthy lifestyle for your family starts with you!

eating healthy with your kids

Here are some healthy eating back to school tips for the kids:

1. Breakfast

Still “the most important meal of the day.” Get the kids to school with energy to be at their best all day. Flavored oatmeal, cereal (without crazy amounts of sugar) are quick go-tos you can have available. Substitute almond milk for dairy milk, or try skim – 1% fat! A fun prepped breakfast you can make together: breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites and on whole wheat english muffins, just heat and eat!

2. Packing Lunches 

Mix it up, if possible, pack your childs’ lunch with a “good” carb, protein, fruit and vegetable– just like you would your own!

3. After School Snacks 

Make fruits and cut up vegetables readily available! Try a flavored greek yogurt and peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread! 

4. Dinner 

Save yourself some time and energy during the hectic work-week by including the kids’ meals in your meal prep! That doesn’t mean feeding them kale and quinoa per se, but try healthy spins on taco night, chicken nuggets, pizza and other favorites! There’s always a clean recipe you can use as an alternative!

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