Exercise Core Strength After Baby

I vividly remember, like it was yesterday, one of the first days of being home after having my second baby.

My two year old daughter was so excited to see me, she ran towards me as fast as she could straight into my belly.

I remember trying to brace for her impact with my core, like you would if someone were to try to punch you in the stomach, and none of my core muscles activated!

It was just squish!

Of course, it’s completely normal to have stretched out muscles that need time to heal, but I don’t remember that feeling after my first baby.

Postpartum life with a newborn and a toddler around is a lot more demanding, right?!

It was then that I realized I need to rehab my core and begin the process of rebuilding my strength in a way that I had never done before.

We’re not talking crunches or planks, but actually waking up the deep core muscles and strengthening the tissue that makes a strong abdominal wall.

Have you noticed that squish kind of feeling in your belly too?

Rebuilding your core can always be done, it is never too late to start!

Find your core strength again so that you can do what your mom life requires of you.

Core rehab begins with 3 important aspects:

Breath, posture, and deep abdominal activation.

Each of these things are important in solving things like prolapse, diastasis, or leaking.

Having a plan that helps you address these issues FIRST before adding heavy weight or high impact exercise will help you solve postpartum issues before they get worse.

Letting your trainer know where you’re at postpartum and what you’re experiencing will help them decide the best plan for you. Look for a trainer who is knowledgeable about these core dysfunctions and find someone you trust.

Rebuilding your body postpartum doesn’t have to be a scary or intimidating process, but a little understanding with the right training is important to your success.

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