Lifestyle Consistency Trumps Brilliance

Consistency Trumps Brilliance

Have you ever not accomplished a goal? Me too. In fact, I’ve set many goals that I have not accomplished. Some of these have been the typical New Year’s resolution, or something as simple as forgetting to do my laundry.

When we don’t follow through on our goals, it’s painful. We may feel guilt, shame, or a sense of general negativity. Also, we feel that we have failed. We have not lived up to our potential, or our promises. We have broken trust with ourselves.

Fortunately, we can change! In order to follow through on our goals, we need a game plan.  What does that look like? I am excited to share with you three keys that I recently learned that will help you conquer your goals and your workouts!

Key 1: Start

For many, the hardest part for accomplishing any goal is simply starting. We can feel that our efforts are not good enough. We enter all too frequently into “paralysis by analysis” also known as “perfectionism procrastination.” In a world where we are consumed by the need for “the best,” we may stay so long in not moving forward on any of our goals that discouragement, depression, and darkness enters our lives. Stay here long enough and you may give up on a goal completely.

Sometimes when you are working on a goal, the only thing you have to go off of is your calendar. I would recommend that you use your calendar to show up to whatever you choose to work on your goal. If you regularly set aside time to work on your goal, even if you have no plan, you will show up and then you will make a plan. Once you make a plan then you can move forward on your goal.

Key 2: Keep It Simple

Seriously. Keep it simple.

The best results in goal accomplishment usually come from a plan so simple that it cannot be forgotten. Through my years of study in exercise science, I have learned dozens of exercises, multiple methods of how to program workouts, and how to prevent the majority of injuries through proper form and corrective exercises. I used to program incredibly complex workouts that had a huge variety of methods, techniques, and periodizations. Unfortunately, the programming was so complex that I and my clients would continue to hit plateaus. The issue wasn’t that the material wasn’t good or accurate, it was simply too complex.

I found a huge amount of success in workout programs that were incredibly simple. I currently only do 3-6 different exercises each time I go to the gym. I get my workout in within half an hour.

Key 3: Consistency Trumps Brilliance

Bruce Lee once stated, “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.”

My brother regularly does 400 push-ups for his workout. Do you think he was able to do that because he learned how to do 20 different variations of push-ups? No. Of course not. He simply learned how to do 20 sets of 20 pushups of 1 variation.

What you practice consistently, you will improve.

What will you practice?

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