Wellness Chronic Pain: Why Restore Therapy should be your first choice

chronic pain

There are a lot of things in this world that only a surgical procedure can fix. In fact, when a life threatening situation interrupts our day-to-day lives, surgery is exactly what we need. But that’s not always the case with tight shoulders, shooting pain in your lower back, or a number of other injuries and ailments. Here is why restore therapy should be your first choice.

I’ve made a career out of sports medicine, and like many people who stick with one job long enough, I eventually realized what it is that really fascinates me about my work: being able to use it to help people live without pain.

Recent research reveals that, more often than not, physical therapy is just as effective as surgery in the case of many injuries. And that’s because, as brilliant as they are, surgeons can’t always pinpoint what causes the pain we experience. Is it being caused by a congenital condition? Have you been sleeping on a bad mattress or exercising improperly? Sometimes, something as simple as wearing high heels can be the culprit of someone’s chronic pain. But surgeons can never be 100% sure.

That’s why it’s so important to try physical therapy first, instead of opting for surgery right away. This discovery is part of what inspired me to create my Restore Therapy program, which utilizes a proprietary series of corrective exercises and massage treatments, and is less costly and more dynamically effective than your average physical therapy program. Bonus: when Restore Therapy is your first choice, you have me in your corner, and I’ll always tell you the truth about whether or not you should consider something more invasive.

What’s the takeaway?

It’s that you have options. (How often is that the case?!) You can go under the knife – which can ultimately be the best choice – or you can reach out to me for a simple conversation that might end up changing your life.

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