Nutrition Burgos Fitness Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

Burgos Fitness Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet meal plan is designed with meals and ingredients that have been proven to maximize your fullness/satiety with a low amount of calories. All the meals shown will accumulate to a total of roughly 1100-1300 calories and will deliver around 90-100gm of protein.

These targets tend to be ideal for many individuals who are currently dieting and weigh around 150-200 lbs (~68-90kgs). But, obviously, there will be quite a bit of variation. These targets may be too aggressive or not aggressive enough for many of you.

Therefore, use this meal plan as a baseline, and increase/decrease the calories and/ or adjust the protein intake by adjusting the respective serving sizes within the meals to best suit your needs.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think of the meals. Tag me on your Instagram (@alexanderjesusburgos) with pictures of the foods/meals you create, and I’ll share them! Good luck!

Disclaimer: This isn’t going to be a fancy well-designed-cool-looking book, but it’s going to be one of the most practical tools you’ve ever found when it comes to eating right and being able to prepare for your meals.

For me, the main thing was to maintain already the foods I loved but also see results, because c’mon jumping right into some super low calorie or carb diet cold turkey like that isn’t really sustainable but also not realistic so I found that doing this one simple thing would get the wheels going and on the fast track to my GOAL!


The main thing to keep in mind here are the portions and reflecting your overall goal. In this case, we are aiming for weight loss so the portions will be as follows

Imagine splitting your plate into 4 quadrants

  • Wanting to lose weight each meal should consist of 1 fist of lean protein, 1 fist of carbs, 2 handfuls of vegetables.

That’s it. Ideally yes, choose healthy whole foods and minimize processed items. It’s up to you and how bad you really want the results to cater towards your meal selection.

Take my boy Justin for example, this man went on a cruise in the middle of our program and ACTUALLY LOST weight! By simply following this strategy. He went from 185lbs to 174lbs and  17% body fat to 9% in 12 short weeks with me. Keep in mind he went on a cruise and had never been to single-digit body fat percentage ever! 

Also, check out ChristinaShe went from 243lbs to 225lbs, dropping all the inches everywhere in only 12 weeks. Christina was a complete beginner so it shows that all you can do is this. It ain’t all about the weight but the INCHES

Ok ok I know, Alexander when are you going to show me the goodsssss??? Right now, down below is the breakdown with different options for your meals throughout the day with some yum yum snacks that will keep you Satisfied! 

Let’s jump into it!

Breakfast Option 1

Veggie Omelette! 

 2 egg whites one whole egg 

As many veggies as you want, bell peppers, onions, zucchini, celery, etc.

Breakfast Option 2

1 cup of water or a milk alternative (keep in mind the calories for the day will increase slightly by about 60-80)

½ Cup of oats handful of blueberries or any type of berries. They provide a high level of antioxidants and naturally boost your energy! 

Pinch of cinnamon

Meal #2 option 1

4-ounce fish fillet and two cups of vegetables or as many as you want. The more colors the better!

Meal #2 option 2

6-ounce ground turkey, have a (brown rice for a pre-workout meal depending on when you workout) 2 more cups of veggies or as much as you want. Get creative with e veggies that’s why the more colors the better.

Snack Options

  1. A whole apple chopped or as your choice and 2tbsp of organic peanut butter (optional)
  2. Full bowl 250g of seeded watermelon
  3. Fat-free cottage cheese with sliced apples, a dash of cinnamon, and a drizzle of caramel. Yep, you read that right.

Dinner Meal option #1

6oz ground turkey, have a small potato and as many vegetables as you want. I’m sure you see a pattern here.

Dinner Meal option #2

4-ounce fish fillet, have sweet potato as many vegetables as you want

Meal Notes

*Ground turkey could be substituted with ground turkey patties or chicken

Potatoes or sweet potatoes could be substituted with 1/2 cup of quinoa or brown rice (pre-workout meal only) keeping carbs under 100 for the day will help you use your body fat for energy!

Keep me posted on how you feel and ask as many questions as you like. 

Good luck I can’t wait to hear your progress!


REMEMBER this breakdown may vary according to the individual and can be too aggressive or not enough. So give it shot!

I hope you enjoyed this and found it useful! It’s way easier to stay aligned with your goals than you think! 

If you want my help implementing the strategies in this cheat sheet, click this link below to book a quick 15-minute chat:

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