Wellness Brain Training


Did you know our brain consumes 20 to 30% of your energy and 20% of the oxygen and blood flow of your body? A healthier brain allows you to stay focused and committed to achieving your goals. In order to get a balanced mind-body state, it is needed to start working on your thoughts, the expectations you have, and setting SMART goals.

Pay attention to the following thoughts that keep you in a bad habit:

1. Overgeneralization

Always, never, every time or everyone phrases make situations out to be worst of what they really are. This kind of thought will make us believe we do not stand a chance. Thoughts like we will never change, everyone does it that way, every time we try, we end quitting, and more. Can you identify an overgeneralization thought?

2. Thinking with your feelings

I feel like… This type of thoughts is powerful. We are having a feeling based on previous experiences and makes us doubt about how things will turn out this time. Can you think about a feeling of thought?

3. Predicting the future

Trying to predict what is going to happen. This kind of thoughts is dangerous because is controlling the outcome of the situation and will create automatic anxiety. Can you think about one predicting the future thought?

After taking control of your brain working on feeding your thoughts with positive information and affirmations about how capable you are to achieve anything you work for, then you take the time to define your SMART goal.

Specific: What, Where, Why, Who, Which?

Identify what do you want to accomplish, identify a location, identify your purpose, reason, benefits, identify if anyone else will join you, identify requirements and possible barriers/challenges.

Measurable: How much? By when? Find a way to track your progress. Tangible progression will help you to keep track with your goal.

Attainable: Dream big but make sure your dream is realistic. Extreme goals can invite failure and frustration.

Relevant: Does this seem relevant to me? Is this the right time for me? Does this match my efforts/needs?

Time-bound: identify a deadline. This will help to focus your effort to achieve your goal.

Dream, define, and act!

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