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2 A’s – Attitude & Actions

Have a winning attitude about your process and trust it by taking action daily and consistently and you will find yourself achieving all your goals!

Have you ever heard the sayings…

Your thoughts control your outcome? or As a man think it, so shall it be?

Statements like these definitely respect the laws of the universe and so should you. The law of attraction is real! Must Watch Video! To be quite frank about it, if you think you can, or can not, you are right either way!

Mindpower is the key to creating success

Go from complaining about your old body or old life to thinking about achieving your goals, to seeing yourself having it already and you are sure to have it soon enough! I say that confidently because I have experienced this personally in my fitness journey as well as my 9+ years as a Personal Trainer. I remember when all I use to do was to complain, complain, complain. I’m too small, my legs can’t get big because of my genetics, I’m just not blessed to be big. All that negative, stinking, thinking, is what held me back for so long from achieving my goal of getting bigger. Yes, I worked out with a half-ass effort just because I always was thinking about it.

In fact, just because negative complaints and thoughts were still in the back of my mind, that stopped me from putting out the necessary actions required to reach my goals. It was not until I came to the reality that no matter how talented I was as a football player, no college was going to take me seriously as a 135-138 pound senior.

This thought forced me to take action. My thinking went from I can’t to I must get bigger, faster, stronger just to be able to achieve my goal of playing on the next level. To make a long story short, my family and peers were amazed at how I packed on over 25 pounds of muscle in less than a year! I was turning heads and getting compliments left and right about my body’s transformation but it was more than that, it was the transformation of my mind first.

It’s crucial you accept these truths to propel your lifestyle forward!

  1. Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner mind
  2. Your thoughts are the operating power of your reality
  3. You create your life and experiences in your mind first

Always remember that during your process. We are like a parent, we only want the best for you. The difference is that we are actually experts in the area we want the best for you in.

I encourage you to see yourself every day having your goals already. Every day I woke up with it on my mind. Let’s strive to keep our mind focused on winning! Every day for 2 weeks we will wake up and declare our victory! When you wake up every morning go to a mirror and look yourself right in the eyes and declare: “Today I woke up as a winner, by nightfall I will go to sleep like a winner!” With that being said you know exactly what you need to do at the beginning of your day to start winning right away.

Start fixing yourself a great hardy breakfast, meditating, or getting extra push-ups or squats in the morning or before you go to sleep to boost your physical fitness levels to start the day. Trust and believe me, it will definitely not end there.

You need to repeat this at least 5 times throughout your day to truly have winning begin to take shape in your daily lifestyle!

Remember we must completely change our subconscious minds which is full of negative thinking. Strive to say it before you begin a new task for the day, or before each meal. Include it in your prayer time, or even when you feel others are trying their hardest to tare you down just know that, you are a winner!

Two weeks of dedicating yourself to winning and find yourself in the winning circle by the end of your month of training. Remember to always speak life and prosperity over your life if nobody else does will just know that we will. Let’s continue to strive to make an impact! Attitude to keep at all times… Your goals are our goals. If we don’t help you win we don’t win because we desire to earn referrals from happy clients who achieved their goals.

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Focused on helping everyone win from within! All praise be to God!

No matter what you do as long as you are consistently putting in the work and effort to create change. Then eventually, your results will catch up to your consistent actions.

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