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alcohol consumption

The first place to start is to reduce alcohol consumption!

*sips water and takes a deep breath*

Okay… let’s talk about alcohol!

It is almost laughable… After I finish up a consultation with a prospective client, like clockwork the first question uttered is: “okay, but can I still drink alcohol… what if it’s just shots of whisky?”

And I get it… for many of us we use alcohol to celebrate, to sulk, in social settings, and even just to relax. Mix that with all of the competing ideologies, and “theories” and it can be confusing.

I’m going to make an attempt at explaining to you why alcohol consumption is typically frowned upon especially when starting up a new fitness journey. And I’m going to do it in an extremely dumbed down and simplified fashion.

So most of the time when I tell my clients they should probably kick the drinking habit for a bit, they almost always come back with the rebuttal: “but what if I avoid sugary drinks, beer, and just stick to shots?”.

While that’s a somewhat logical thought process, the sugar and calories are only part of the problem. And not really what we’re concerned about.

For starters, when alcohol is processed by the liver, it is broken down into something called acetate.

Acetate is toxic, so the body prioritizes alcohol above all in its metabolization efforts.

On top of that, science and extensive research show that alcohol has a negative impact on:

1. Testosterone production – which we all know aids in the process of building muscle and burning fat.

2. Protein Synthesis – which we know is essential in the process of building muscle.

3. Recovery and Performance.

Here’s the reality, I’m not naive enough to think that people are going to be willing to completely give up alcohol to lose a couple pounds. The good news is that most of the research confirms that copious amounts of alcohol need to be consumed over time to have a significant impact on the above listed areas.

BUT, for any competitive athlete, individual who has a long way to go in their fitness journey, or someone who has a really aggressive goal, the first place to start is to reduce alcohol consumption.

IF, you must continue to partake in the occasional drink, here are some tips to mitigate some of the damage:

1. Moderation – there’s no need to go on binders anymore… that’s so 2008.

2. Avoid sugary drinks – Put the 4Loko Down.

3. On the day you decide to drink, keep your fat intake between 5-10% of your caloric intake.

4. On the day you drink, keep your carb consumption between 10-15% of your caloric intake.

5. On the day you drink, eat lots of protein…. even more so than you normally would.

“But Mike… I don’t know where my caloric intake should be in the first place”!!!

Funny you should mention that… I actually happen to specialize in building fitness plans.

Customized fitness plans include:

✅Meal Plan ✅Workouts ✅Supplement Guidance ✅24/7 Support

To contact me for a consultation, you can email me at [email protected] or text/call at (918) 636-6965

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