Nutrition 6 Great Reasons to Include Lemons in Your Diet

Lemons in your diet

One fruit that far too often goes overlooked, because it’s not one that you’d ‘snack on’ per se, is lemons.

Lemons come in at just 24 calories total and contain a mere 2.1 grams of sugar (and even more dietary fiber at 2.4 grams). Just like all fruits, they’re virtually fat free and contain only a small dose of protein at 0.9 grams.

It isn’t the calorie content though that you need to be aware of when it comes to lemons in your diet–as they’re virtually ‘freebies’ in your diet plan–instead, it’s the health benefits that they offer.

Wondering what lemons can do for you?

Here’s a brief – but not exclusive – list of what lemons have to offer.

1. Lemons Alkalinize The Body

Most of us live in a highly acidic state thanks to the high protein and refined carb diets we consume. Lemons help combat this. While they may be acidic outside of the body, inside they become very alkaline.

2. Lemons Pack a Serious Vitamin C Punch

Vitamin C, well known for boosting your immune system, will also help to combat free radical damage. Lemons offer you plenty.

3. Lemons Heal Your Liver

Your liver works hard on a daily basis, removing toxic waste from the body. Lemons can help heal your liver, assisting with detoxification. A better functioning liver means a healthier you.

4. Lemons Can Help Combat Cancer

Lemons contain a number of compounds such as hesperidin that help combat a number of different cancers, such as breast cancer. If this disease runs in your family, you’ll want to get lemons into your diet.

5. Lemons Can Lower Your Cardiovascular Heart Disease Risk

While you may be young enough not to worry about cardiovascular disease right now, don’t overlook the fact it could be a real part of your future. Lemons can help lower your risk factor for this heart condition and keep your cholesterol levels in check as well.

6. Lemons Prevent Kidney Stones

Finally, along with detoxifying your liver, lemons can also help to increase urine volume and this can help reduce your risk of kidney stones.

If you are not making use of lemons in your menu, now is the time to start. Try adding a few slices of lemon to a tall glass of water in the morning, or laying some freshly sliced lemon over your fish prior to baking it.

While you may not eat a lemon like you would an orange, that’s no reason not to include it in your daily diet plan.


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