Exercise 5 Core Exercises to Add to Your Workout

Spice up your core routine with these 5 exercises. Activating multiple muscle groups, each exercise promotes core strength, endurance, and stability.

Overhead Squat

With the barbell or dumbbells, extend arms overhead with the biceps in line with the ears. As you descend into your squat, keep hips neutral and core tight. Once you have reached the bottom of the squat (which will be different for everyone), keep the chest up and core activated and begin to ascend towards starting position.

Walking Lunge with Shoulder Press

Stepping into a walking lunge formation, position feet shoulder-width apart and weight overhead. Placing one foot forward into a lunge position, exhale and lower self to complete the first lunge. Proper lunge includes forward-facing feet both front and back, weight in the ball of the front foot. Inhale, lift out of the lunge by bringing back foot to match the front. Repeat motion on the opposite side.

Image Credit: Dark Iron Fitness

Double Hand Kettle Swings

Keeping shoulders relaxed (do not shrug) and head neutral, grab the kettlebell between feet that are shoulder-width apart. Knees will be slightly bent and hips set at a hinge bend, drive hips forward and squeeze glutes. The back will straighten and the weight will be lifted with extended arms to chest level. Keeping glutes activated and core tight, lower back into the starting position with control.  Power should come from glutes, hips, and core for proper execution. Be cautious of lower back compensation.

Image Credit: Badunkafit Fit Blog

Squat Hold with Front Raise

 The squat hold can be done with or without wall support. The wall helps to prevent back swinging and ensures proper weight displacement in feet.  Start in a basic squat hold: feet shoulder-width apart, weight distributed midfoot, knees at a 90-degree bend, back is straight, and core is tight. Holding the weight either between the knees or on the outside of the knees, with arms extended, lift the weight up until arms are parallel with the floor. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. 

Alternating Lunge with Twist

With arms extended forward holding desired weight, step into a forwarding lunge position, with weight distributed into the midfoot of the front foot. With control, lower back knee towards the ground until reaching the desired depth of both back and front knee. Once you have reached your lunge depth, slowly rotate the weight over the front knee, aligning opposite elbow to opposite knee. Return to a neutral spine position with core muscle tightened and arms at a continued extension with weight. Push through the forward leg’s midfoot and heel to straighten the knee, stepping into the start position. Repeat motion with the opposite leg.

*Always consult with your physician before making a change in your workout routine.

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