Exercise 4 Common Fitness Excuses

What are your fitness excuses?

4 Common Fitness Excuses

Think back to your day yesterday: somewhere between the snooze button and the late show, was there 30 minutes you had to spare? How about 20? 10?? You probably have a reason why you didn’t use that time to become more fit, but I’m guessing you still said yes.

Let me show you a couple ways to overcome the fitness excuses and grow more fit every day:

If you use the #1 excuse that you “don’t have enough time to get fit”, it’s simply not true! You just don’t know how to make Fitness FIT into your life.

#2 excuse. “The only time I can is in the morning, and I’m not a morning person.” Now, I would be the LAST person to argue with you, as even on a good morning, I am still capable of walking straight into a wall.  So I say with the utmost of empathy, Buck up Buttercup! This is the easiest time to seize the day, stay consistent, and keep your priorities in line.  You can thrive more on the sense of accomplishment you will feel all day long, not to mention the surge of energy it will give you and the metabolism jump start.  Again, I am all about making it fit best into your life, so if you can stay consistent with another time of day, that’s great.  Whatever fits best in your life is what you should stick with.  Morning is just my first answer to even the busiest of schedules… simply quit arguing with yourself, and get up earlier.

#3 excuse. “I have time, but my _____ hurts, so I shouldn’t workout”  Ok, I’m not saying you have to be invincible.  (Like I told one of my clients who described his shoulder pain, we stop lifting at little stabbing knives).  If it’s just soreness you are experiencing though, evaluate the pain.  We are learning that instead of immobilization after surgery or injury, the best healing practice is actually movement.  So consult your trainer and doctor… don’t just assume that if there is something wrong with you, you are banned from the gym.  Even if you are out of commission for a short time, remember fitness has to do with a lot more than the gym.  Take this time to plan your week better, meal prep, find a new exercise or study an area that you want to improve on.  Use your time out of the gym wisely, and your time in the gym will benefit you even more.

#4, and neverending excuse… “I was going to but ____S!@*_____ happened so I didn’t make it.”  You know the famous bumper sticker, right?  Guess what.  ____S!@*____ happens.  Don’t be surprised when it does.  Plan for it.  Yes, this means probably not having as busy a schedule.  That will require sacrificing something that you had planned on doing.  I look at it this way though – you will either spend the time getting healthy, or you will spend the time recovering from injury.  Both will be hard.  CHOOSE YOUR HARD.  Lack of making the time to be fit is CHOOSING another activity in place of your own well being… don’t tell me it’s out of your control, or you can’t help it.  You can.  You should.  Yes, choosing to be fit is hard, and it takes time and money.  Being injured and sick is hard, and takes time and money.  If you think there is another option, you will only fool yourself for so long.  So do yourself a favor, and decide today.  Which hard do you choose?

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