Lifestyle 3 Things To Reach Your Fitness Goal

Reach Goal

I’m going to be breaking down in three easy steps on how to reach your goal. Now whether you are a wrestler who is trying to drop a few more pounds before weigh-in day, a new mom trying to lose that extra baby weight or just trying to lose weight for a special occasion, there are three things you need to focus on in order to reach this goal.

The list is from most important to least:

1. Nutrition

This is 60% in not more of the solution to get to your goal. There are tons of different diet fads out there from the keto to all vegan, and even the carnivore diet. All these will help in gaining/losing weight and all have their pros and cons. What is going to matter for you is whether or not you can turn that diet into a lifestyle choice. Too much of a good thing is also a bad thing so it is important for you to know how many calories your unique body burns to portion your foods accordingly.

2. Weight Training

Studies have shown that weight training speeds up your metabolism by up to 50 calories per pound of muscle gained. This is due to the fact that muscle needs the energy to maintain its mass and size. For the ladies worried that they will look all big and bulky from lifting heavy weights don’t worry unless your are taking testosterone you will look lean and tight. You should try working on the biggest muscle groups that will have the biggest impact on your metabolism (ex. glutes, lats, quads,pecs, etc.).

3. Cardio

If your goal is to beat your best 5k or just wanting to improve your cardiorespiratory system, this can be just as important as weight training. When I’m asked whether or not cardio is important to someones training when they are trying to lose weight I always ask how tailored and strict their meals are if they are going overboard on how many calories they should be consuming. This helps you carve out any extra calories you consume and not retain any extra carbs and fats that will be stored as adipose tissue. As insurance though I always suggest finishing your workout with a light jog.

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