Exercise 3 Main Benefits of Exercise

benefits of exercise

In this article we’ll talk about the main 3 benefits of exercise

What are the benefits of exercise?

There are many benefits of exercise. They help with lifestyle diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, and so many more. There have been tests are that exercise can help you prevent cancers as well. Continue to read on and learn more ways of how exercise can benefit you and your lifestyle.

The first benefit of exercise is diabetes management and prevention

Exercise helps to control both. If you already have diabetes, it can help prevent it from getting worse or help to control.

Exercising while diabetic can be challenging at times. You have to make sure your insulin levels before, during, and after workouts are stable and normal. If they aren’t stable don’t give up, just find a way to keep them stable and normal throughout the workout. A lot of times you will have to keep a protein bar or some kind of item to raise your blood sugar up. If they are higher or lower then they should always take a break until they are normal again.

Exercising and losing weight can help you establish your diabetes level better.

The second benefit of exercising is it can help prevent certain cancers

25% of cancer cases worldwide are caused by overweight and obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Being overweight, obese, or having a sedentary lifestyle increases your chances of getting cancers. Being active and doing exercise 3-4 days a week for at least 45 minutes each will help. The type of exercise you could do is walking, hiking, weight lifting, or even just riding a bike.

The third benefit of exercise is it can help with depression

Depression is a common and important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Most times depression is treated with medicines, but some people explore other options than that.

The one that has been most reported to help depression is exercise. Exercise helps you focus on something besides the bad and dangerous thoughts. It helps to find something and build on it. You see progress in fitness and exercise and it helps to change your mood, eating habits, and just your lifestyle completely.

All in all, exercise has more benefits than downfalls. These are just three reasons, there are of course a lot more reasons out there. I just highlighted the ones that I thought could help encourage you to change your mind and get you out there and exercising.

Thank you for reading and remember exercise has quite a bit of benefit in your life and lifestyle.

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