NutritionTrainers 3 Common Fitness Myths and How to Avoid Them

It’s fairly well known that in the Fitness Industry there is a ton of myths, misleading information, Fad Diets, and some questionable business practices. Honestly, it’s no different in any other industry it is often hard to separate the truth from the scams.

Hopefully, I can debunk some fitness myths and help you make some better decisions in regard to your health and fitness.

Myth #1: All Trainers are the same.

This one is just simply untrue unless you are talking about the most basic of principles. It’s almost like saying every automobile on the road are the same when each has a very specific purpose, and set of skills. You wouldn’t talk about a Toyota in the same way you would a Ferrari would you?

The same goes for trainers. We, like cars, have a similar mission to help better the lives of our clients, but there is a very wide spectrum of the training world. It ranges from entry-level weight-based trainers who haven’t found a specialty yet to high-end lifestyle coaches who specialize in multiple disciplines.

The price of these coaches varies with that level of knowledge and experience as well. With Coaches it really is a get-what-you-pay-for service, the more you spend the higher quality and more services you will receive.

Myth #2: Supplements are fake.

Now the idea that all supplements are real and genuine and deliver lasting results is ultimately not real. However, most especially the ones that are backed by the FDA, are 100% real and proven to deliver results.

Products like Creatine, Pre Workout, BCAA’s, Multi-Vitamins, and Protein are all proven to help deliver long-lasting results in a fraction of the time. The catch is that without proper diet and exercise these products don’t do much to help you toward any goal and may actually make it harder for you to achieve your goal.

Be sure to pin down your nutrition and lifestyle before committing to any products and consult with your coach or dietitian as needed to maximize your results.

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Myth #3: The Keto Diet will help you lose weight.

This one is huge, especially amongst parents. While it is true that your fuel has a massive impact on your overall weight and body composition.

However, long-term ketosis has been shown to lead to something called the Keto Flu where your gut bacteria is altered affecting your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients. Another common side effect is Hypoglycemia and even kidney failure. That isn’t to say the diet is ineffective.

All I am saying is that it is detrimental long term and always perform the diet plan under the supervision of a Nutritionist, Dietitian and or your doctor.

As you probably imagine it can be very difficult to know who and what to trust when starting a weight-loss or fitness journey and social media doesn’t make it any easier. At the end of the day always consult certified professionals if you ever have any questions about any product, diet or gimmick. Yes, we have to make money too, but we make our living off of delivering results and changing lives. Advice is always free.


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