Lifestyle 2021 – The Year of Relentlessness

2021 - The Year of Relentlessness

2021 – The Year of Relentlessness

2020 took forever to leave but still just enough time for those of us to accomplish our goals to do what we needed to do to expedite everything we needed to do. The truth is, if you really want something, there’s nothing in this world that could really stop you if you figure out a plan and are relentless about what it is you want and how you go about obtaining what you want. That’s definitely something to be proud of. I mean, yea… 2020 was rough and we “made it through” but ask yourself… what was so different from any other year?

Life is challenging without the main current events, isn’t it? So why give full credit to making it through something that you make it through every day anyway? Why give something else that much power when the true power is within you?

We tend to give power and credit to things that really don’t have a real true effect on the progress that we desire to make for ourselves. I mean, grant it, the world could have been coming to an end and it could have very well been an apocalypse… but haven’t we watched enough movies where people adapt to that kind of thing in order to survive and still complete their goals? People get more fit than even during a zombie apocalypse because they are always constantly fighting and and running… what makes our reality any different? What makes our day-to-day any different from those movies? Nothing! You still have to keep going and distracting yourself with the goals you really want to accomplish and accomplishing them are actually what is “essential”You are you own army and you must complete the mission in order to feel accomplished within yourself.

So taking that into consideration… What are the 3 goals you wish to accomplish in 2021?

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