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If you ask any of my clients about me and how I train they will all tell you a few things in no specific order; They got their butt kicked, they never got bored, they were sore everywhere, their workouts were a blast and most importantly they “got results!”

Why I Train Clients the Way I DO

All of my clients have different goals, abilities, starting places, and mindsets. That is the reason that a workout out of Shape or Men’s Fitness magazines isn’t working for you, neither will the “5-minute fat burning workout” shared on Facebook. The reality is we all have specific needs, and we need exercises geared toward those needs. Every client I have has a workout tailored to fit their goals.

Each client I have has a workout tailored to fit their goals. Every person has stubborn belly fat and areas of their body that they’d like to look different and it’s my job to do the brain work so that their sweat work is successful. Along with keeping the client’s goals in mind also comes the client’s current abilities and needs. Some people have poor posture; others have reduced balance, it’s my job to fix any weaknesses that I see even if the client doesn’t realize that they are there.

It is also my job to meet a client where they are physically and mentally. Some days people are in a great mood, and their body is very responsive, other days were rough for them, and their body is beat down. Those are the times that I need to change what I had written out for them to give them something that is going to be more productive for that day.

My clients don’t get bored because we are never doing the same things back to back. The functionality of what we are doing is the same because we need the repetition to cause our bodies to adapt, but the modality changes. One day we may be doing dumbbell rows and the next day we may be doing rows again but with the hands in a different position, and using body weight or kettlebells.

There are all different types of programming, but one of the most practical ways to train is using “progressive overload.” Which is just a fancy way of saying to slowly increase the load or amount of work that you are doing to make sure you’re always pushing your body to do more than it could before.

There is a lot more that goes into exercise, lifting weights, and getting that body that you’ve always wanted than is typically understood. A specialist in the field will help you get that body; you just have to do the work!

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle

Post by Bruce Franse

Bruce Franse is a compassionate fun trainer, dedicated to helping his clients live the life that they deserve to live. After going through a significant weight loss himself he became a trainer to help other people reach their health and fitness goals. He...

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