Nutrition Why eating the proper amount fruits and vegetables is key

Being a trainer I’ve had a lot of people ask about nutrition. It’s safe to say it’s a pretty common question for people to have when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m going to go over 1 aspect of nutrition I feel get’s overlooked fairly easy when thinking about eating healthy. Let’s talk about GREENS. I know I for one am not a fan of veggies but, that doesn’t mean they’re not important.

Eating the proper amount of veggies is SUPER important!

The recommended amount of fruits & vegetables per day would be at least 2 servings of fruit & 3 servings of vegetables!!! And then you have to make sure your eating the RIGHT fruits (Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, cranberry etc.) & vegetables like green leafy veggies (kale, spinach, parsley etc.)

I personally can tolerate about 1 serving of vegetables with my dinner and I’m not a big fan of fruit. I know, I know how can I not like fruit I don’t know really sometimes I enjoy it most of the time I don’t lol!

Anyways, Making sure you get in the proper amount of fruits and veggies & the right fruit & veggies on a daily basis is SUPER important.

One might ask, WHY?

Well, there are tons of benefits from getting in the proper amount of fruits & veggies from gut health, improved recovery time, better overall health.

Here’s some research.

Less than 10% of men & women ages 18-34 eat the recommended 5+ servings of vegetables a day. I chose to use OPTI-GREENS 50 because I fall into this category of not getting in the recommended amount of fruits & veggies with out it.

Less than 24% of men & women ages 34-64 eat the recommended 5+ servings of vegetables a day.

Opti Greens 50 provides the proper dosages of each ingredient. Most people tend to focus more on consuming more protein & processed carbs than fruits & veggies . This can create an acid load in the body which can cause acidosis.

Introducing more veggies, fruits or OPTI-GREENS 50 will help:
counteract acid loads
Balance pH levels
Preserve bone & muscle
Promote better overall health

In OPTI-GREENS 50 there are 5 different complexes. Each complex has a different job.

Green super-food complex
– Allows for proper digestion of the foods we eat
– Helps to detoxify the body of harmful toxins & balance pH

Glycemic Balance Blend
– Helps control blood sugar levels in your body
– Lowers oxidative stress in the body.

Phytonutrient Complex
– Helps with the detoxification of our bodies
blocks the damage from carcinogens
– Boosts natural energy levels

Digestive Enzyme Blend & Probiotic Blend
– Helps with digestion, including the processing of indigestible fiber and absorption of nutrients
– Promotes a healthy gut
– Protects the lining of the digestive system from damage caused by it’s own acid bile

Plant enzyme Blend
-The ingredients are low-temperature processed
– Helps prevent destroyed enzymes
– All f these enzymes are from plants, not animals

Probiotic Blend
– 1 billion CFUs through the expiration date of OPTI-GREENS 50
You may be thinking “What the heck is a CFU?”
Good question. A CFU is a Colony Forming Unit which means the probiotics are capable of dividing and forming colonies. Active probiotics are what help with digestion and gut health. 1 billion is an adequate amount for daily help with digestion.

If you need any help or have any questions send me an email at any time, I’m happy to help!

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