Nutrition Whole Foods for a Stronger Immune System


whole foods

The weather has shifted and cold winds are blowing harder than ever. With the shift in the season, we are faced with the likelihood of becoming the target of common cold and flu more than we have been in recent times.

With a weaker immune system and these up and down weather changes,  your health can be affected way more than usual, causing you to fall sick whether in the cold freezing rain or snowfall. It completely ruins any event you have, by rushing to the doctor, waiting to be seated, seeing the doctor and being on medications.

To help you avoid that scenario, we’ve come up with a list of whole foods and nutrients to help your immune system get stronger and more defensive against these diseases. As per science, there isn’t a clear answer as to which nutrient will strengthen your immune system, helping your body fight against these seasonal sicknesses. But one thing is for sure, with the right dietary plans, on which experts agree, coupled with routine workouts and proper sleeping patterns contributes overall to a properly functioning body and immune system, minimize stress and helps you recover much faster if you fall prey to such diseases.

Let’s have a look at the nutrients and whole foods you must include in your diet plans to ensure you’re well protected from the cold and flu or at least your body becomes capable of fighting it off when needed.

Whole foods

Whole foods include nutrients that are not naturally found in supplements and therefore, necessitating their intake on a routine basis. For instance, experts encourage the intake of fruits and vegetables in abundance which are rich in vitamin C and E. However, whole grains, beans, poultry, and meat are ideal for zinc intake during this season. Also, for vitamin A, add low-fat dairy products to your diet plans.

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and should be included in the diet, for instance, oranges, tangerines, tomatoes, and pineapples are some sources of vitamin C, which is a good medium for strengthening your immune system against cold and flu.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A rich whole foods include pumpkins, squash, and carrots, to name a few. These vegetables can be eaten raw or mixed up in a salad for a meal. Squash here is also rich in Vitamin C hence the intake of which ensures a good immune building diet for the cold weather.


Zinc is another mineral that should be included in your diet for helping your body build up immunity against the cold weather sicknesses. Food including red meat, poultry and some kinds of seafood like oysters, crabs, and lobsters are a good source of zinc.

Stay strong and healthy this winter

This winter, make sure you eat healthily and a diet full of whole foods to ensure your immunity is on point. Make less and fewer visits to the doctor and spend more time with family and friends. Make sure to supplement your whole food intake with plenty of water, good amount of exercises and regular sleep.

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