Exercise What is Online Personal Training?

Online personal training is a pretty new concept.

I get asked a lot what is it & how it can help. Let me explain what it is, if it’s for you & briefly walk you through the steps.

You train when you want to train. Access to your trainer from a click of a button.

You train when you want to train. Access to your trainer from a click of a button.

Just like self checkout machines & apps that can get you a taxi in 3 minutes the world has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Technology has seriously developed.

The fitness industry is no different.

For example, 90% of my weight-lifting knowledge has come from Youtube.

Videos are the best way for me to understand what perfect form is and what it should look like.

Over my career I’ve Facebook messaged tonnes of the top personal trainers and fitness influencers in my field and within 2 days they’ve got back to me with advice and help.

Think about that. That’s crazy!

How Online Personal Training Helped me

I briefly mentioned in my last blog “5 tips to smash your fitness resolution” that in December I completely lost my buzz with training, I’d lost motivation and I needed something new.

My girlfriend mentioned to me on New Years day she’d been following a girl on Instagram and decided to sign up to her online training.

She showed me her app and it blew my mind.

With the click of a button from the phone in her pocket, she could access her tailored 12 week training plan with video demonstrations, her diet plan, her workout schedule and access to her profile where she can log her body measurements and update her transformation photos.

Not to mention she can contact her trainer whenever she gets confused or feels unmotivated.

Due to the fact her trainer isn’t running around training clients in person, she can dedicate more time to answering clients questions or creating content to help her more. For example blog writing!

This therefore means that her trainer can charge less per person. It’s much more affordable.

Having a trainer is a luxury that anybody can now afford.

So I found a trainer who specialised in weight lifting and body weight training. I now have a clear, specific goal with a time frame. My trainer sent me my plans and how many times he’d like me to train a week.

I entered my body measurements and here I am.

2 weeks after my December slump I’m buzzing to be in the gym and I’m eating super cleanly.

It really taught me what a good trainer and tailored plan with a time frame can do to someones commitment and motivation.

The 4 Steps to my Online Training
So how does my online training work?
1. You fill out my quick questionnaire with your specific training or body goals.

2. You’ll gain access to my app which contains:

  • a tailored training plan with video demonstrations
  • my Primal eBook explaining training, nutrition and lifestyle
  • all of the Primal recipes which a good friend made for me

3. I check in with your progression through the app daily and contact you once a week to see how you’re getting on.

4. You’ll have 24/7 email support, access to my closed Facebook community for support and receive motivational emails from myself to help keep you on track.

Everything you need to get amazing results from your phone. I think that’s pretty damn cool.

I hope this short post helped you understand what Online Personal training is and if it’s for you.

For ANY other questions I’m only ever a click away!

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