Trainers What Does It Take to Thrive as a Fitness Professional in 2020?

Fitness Professional

Fitness Expertise? Business Savvy? Ultimate Employee? Online Entrepreneur? Which one is best? Is one better than the other for a good career? For a long career? If you are a fitness professional and your main source of income is actively coaching clients on a day-to-day basis, then it is arguable that you need to be really good at one and at least not bad at the other three.

Fitness Expertise

It is the part of the equation that seemingly would be the main key to success as a coach in the fitness industry. Having a series of letters after your name and years of studying under your belt increases your credibility and demonstrates your ability to really help people and change the lives of your clientele. However, being disorganized will make it difficult to grow and sustain your business.

Having expert level knowledge without gaining and retaining clients can make you a broke smart fitness professional.

Business Savvy

There are Business Savvy trainers that approach personal training with a business/entrepreneurial mindset. They continually market themselves. Everyone in the gym knows who they are. They know exactly how many hours of work they need to put in to meet and exceed their goal income. Being organized with the financial aspects of their job, along with marketing, is simply a way of life. Unfortunately, they may have not prioritized their training knowledge and coaching skills. Lacking the knowledge to truly help clientele can hurt in the long run.

A business-only mindset can make for a well-organized and marketed business with a terrible product.

The Ultimate Employee

You know who they are. On-time is late for them. They are the first to volunteer when help is needed. A great attitude and being a team player is a way of life. They actually read the employee handbook, follow all company policies, and are respected by all. However, it is true that sometimes a great attitude just isn’t enough. By the way, when you are self-employed you need to be an ultimate employee for yourself.

The ultimate employee that lacks business savvy and technical fitness knowledge is a great person to have around but just may not meet the needs of the personal training department.

The Online Entrepreneur

In today’s world, one of the best and most successful ways to build a brand and a business is to understand navigating social media and have a strong overall online presence. Well crafted posts can be motivational as well as educational. They can also capture leads and serve as a call to action.

The lifespan of a successful online fitness business is likely to be dictated by the true value of what is being offered. Flashy posts and inspirational quotes won’t be enough in the long run.

John from ClubSport San Jose

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