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Probiotics are live microorganisms, good bacteria that live in your stomach and digestive tract. We can find them naturally in the body but also in some foods like kefir, yogurt, and kombucha.

You have both good (probiotics) and bad bacteria (the kind that causes sickness) in the stomach and digestive tract. You need enough good bacteria to maintain a healthy stomach and digestive system. The problem is that in today’s world it’s hard to get enough from food alone, hence the need for a good quality supplement.

Probiotics do far more than just ease stomach issues; emerging research suggests they help prevent a wide range of conditions.

Here’s just a few of them:

Immune health

Having bad stomach health has been linked to an illness called “Leaky gut syndrome”. When someone has leaky gut (often referred to as increased intestinal permeability), the “net” in your digestive tract gets damaged, which causes even bigger holes to develop in the net, so things that normally can’t pass through, are now able to.

Some of the things that can now pass through include proteins like gluten, bad bacteria, and undigested foods particles. Toxic waste can also leak from the inside of your intestinal wall into your bloodstream causing an immune reaction. Some research has shown leaky gut has been linked to such autoimmune disorders such as Diabetes, lupus and even multiple sclerosis!

Skin Conditions

Studies have shown the supplementing with probiotics can treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. It all stems from the inflammation caused by the bacteria imbalance.

Weight loss

Research suggests that increasing the good bacteria intake in an overweight person can, in fact, improve blood sugar levels and sensitivity to leptin ( a hormone that helps regulate appetite) Improving insulin sensitivity and appetite are both keys to losing weight.


It’s simple if you have a healthy stomach and digestive system then you are going to get better absorption of your food and nutrients making it one of the most important supplements you can have.

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