Nutrition Watch Your Mouth – Why The Right Nutrition is Key For Fitness Results

Watch your mouth! Have you ever wondered what the difference is between someone who appears as though they work out regularly, and the person with the eye-popping, jaw-dropping physique? Here’s why the right nutrition matters for fitness results.

The one variable that is responsible for the disparity in the two examples result

On the surface there doesn’t appear to be much difference between the two, you see them both in the gym regularly training like maniacs, yet one just seems to be clearly head and shoulders above the other.  The one variable that is responsible for the disparity in the two examples result, is actually the variable that is paramount to all others but most often taken for granted, nutrition.

Of all the things that are true in bodybuilding is a phrase I share with my clients all the time, “Either you get it in, or you don’t”. Your body is not going to be sympathetic that you didn’t have the time, or the energy, or even worse the discipline to fuel up immediately upon waking in the morning. Nor will it forgive you that you did not follow a good workout with the proper macronutrients necessary for your particular set of physical objectives. I recognize the pitfalls of balancing a busy life with the desire to improve your physique, we have all been there, but the successful bodybuilder takes another of my favorite expressions to heart and that’s to “Find a way”.

There is another aspect of nutrition that separates the two examples.

The ordinary bodybuilder just wings it with his food selection, forgoing pre-preparation and constant monitoring of nutritional goals leaving his body subject to either whim or even worse convenience. Thereby, guaranteeing that he will continue to perpetually fail to reach intended objectives. The extraordinary bodybuilder not only plans ahead of time to supply his body with the necessary nutrition to optimize results, but he does something that you absolutely cannot compromise on, he uses food as a tool.  This may be a radical idea to some, but take my word for it, anyone you have ever stalled in the coffee aisle to steal a second look at knows it all too well.

Recently, I was having a conversation with a close family member who was about to re-dedicate himself to his fitness.  He was having a very common issue with time in the morning so I shared a recipe for my favorite power shake, to wit he responded, ”Sounds yummy, NOT!”.  My response was “Keep eating food that tastes good and see where that gets you, diabetes maybe”.   His obvious attempt at humor amused me, but also made me think.  It made me think of the time before I started to look at food, not for its taste, but rather what it would do for me.

You must be familiar with the conditions your body is in at certain times of the day, most notably pre/post workout, and feed that.

Foods that usually “taste good” contain massive amounts of sugar or salt.

Two things that will certainly block your path to success.  I admit it will be a task reprogramming your taste buds, but rather quickly your expectations of how good food should taste will change.  I absolutely love how pure and clean oats smell when you open the bag. Or the way black beans, sprouts, pine nuts, and balsamic vinaigrette tastes in the last spoonful of salad.  What I like infinitely more than the taste of these foods is the unlimited vitality and lean muscle they produce.

On a more personal note, I love the way a tailored shirt fits when going somewhere nice.  The way my upper pecs fill out the front of the shirt, the way my arms fill the sleeves, leaving the beautifully designed collar to sit on my neck precisely the way Armani intended.

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