Exercise Understanding How to Measure Your Workout Intensity

Workout Intensity

Know your workout intensity level. Always start out slow than make progress. Your safety is the most important aspect of any workout you plan. Know your limits then create goals to achieve even higher limits in your fitness.

American College of Sports Medicine recommends 30 minutes of moderate aerobic intensity workouts at least 3 times per week. Resistance training at least 2 times per week on all major muscle groups.

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Flexibility daily

Many individuals are changing over to interval training for their exercise method of choice. Interval training is popular now but has been around for many years. When someone is interval training, they are varying the exercise intensity at fixed intervals during a single exercise session. This can yield an increase in the total volume and/or average exercise intensity done in a session.

Many aspects of a workout plan can be changed depending on someone’s goals for fitness. According to the American College of Sports medicine, studies have shown high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprint interval training improve cardiovascular fitness. Also, it improves cardiometabolic biomarkers and other fitness including health-related physiological variables when changing the intensity of a workout session.

A moderate level of intensity has been shown to improve individuals’ health capacity in individuals who are less active than most (sedentary lifestyle). A very common method used to measure a person’s maximal heart rate is using the Formula 220-age. This method is useful in small groups of men and women. Everyone should consider starting at a level that is slightly harder than they usually do; then make progress or changes in their intensity level to achieve improvements in their overall health.

Older adults who are not customed to working out fitness intensity level should be 5-6 for moderate-intensity and 7-8 for vigorous intensity. Children’s and adolescents’ workout intensity should be moderate that a noticeable change in heart rate can be seen and an increase in breathing. In order to make a difference in someone else life, we must educate more individuals on the importance and benefits of working out and understand the components it takes to have a well-rounded and solid training plan. Now get up and get moving.

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