Wellness Trust the Flow: Moments vs. Momentum

moments vs. momentum

People always say “when one door closes, another door opens,” and it’s true, but what about that millisecond between one door shutting and another cracking open? That millisecond could feel like an eternity, but in reality, it’s nothing more than a moment. This small moment is like any other that is sewn together to form the energy of our lives. However, it’s so easy to hyper focus on this one moment through the lens of doubt, fear, anxiety of what’s to come, or what’s behind the door that’s about to invite you in. Fixating on this moment can stunt your momentum, blinding you to the bigger picture. If allowed, that moment will arrest you, consume you, and break you down. It will infect you with a paralyzing indifference, so even when that door opens and the bright light shines on you, you won’t even recognize it.


Every moment in life is precious and should be valued to the highest degree, but a moment should never be given the weight of a lifetime. Moments come in all shapes and sizes. Some moments are pure bliss, others are terrifying or challenging, but every moment is a unique opportunity to feel, to learn, to love, and to let go. You need to accept and trust that there is another moment coming right behind this one. If you allow a single moment to suffocate you with terror, self-doubt, or you hold on too tight to a beautiful moment in fear of its passing, you could miss your future.


Always live in the present, but never allow your present to be the past. Be open and have faith that every moment you live is a part of your momentum. This momentum is mighty and in your favor. To interrupt it with cold feet could freeze it. Allow your momentum to guide you, your heartbeat to be its metronome. Movement begets movement. Put one foot in front of the other, even in the dark, until you’re immersed in light and realize you’ve crossed the threshold.

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