Exercise Training at Home – 5 Easy Ways to Create Home Workout Habits

Home Workout Habits

Home Workout Habits

Your gym may not be open currently so what tools and tactics are you using to get your workout in? At home there are so many distractions. The washing needs doing, the dog needs walking, the tv is calling or even you begin your workout and realize the carpet needs vacuuming. How do we make sure these distractions do not take away from our focus and ensure we still get our quality workout in?

I have five simple effective tools to support you in getting the most from your home workout habits:

Plan it out

Make a list of what you want to achieve in the day. Set aside a time slot for your workout and make it a priority. Put it into whatever calendar type you use and stick to it. Planning out other activities in the day and writing them in can help keep the brain focused on the task in hand.


Have your equipment, gym clothes, and other essentials ready to go. Laying them out the night beforehand or tidying the area in which you workout prior can help prevent any delays in getting to it.

Push Yourself

Your workouts are what you make them. Take yourself out of your comfort zone once in a while. Focus on your goals and the feeling you feel after a workout to keep focused at the moment and put in the sweat! Try different challenges and record your results, after a few weeks try them again so you can see your progress.

Pick an Area

Find an area of the house where you feel comfortable and where family members will not distract you (or minimal distractions). Most of all you want to enjoy doing your workouts so make this your dedicated area.

Positive Mindset

Sometimes it is easier said than done. Try making a list of five long term goals you want to achieve in relation to health and fitness, things you would like to reach a year from now. Write them out on post-it notes or card and place in the area you work out. If you are having an off day reread them and remind yourself of your whys. Why are you working out? How is it going to make you feel? Keep positive, it’s a slow process and the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

Jodie Hands – Sweat Marshall

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