Exercise Let’s Tackle the Term “toned”


Let’s tackle the term “toned”

Having aesthetic-based health goals is great!

All of us want to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin. The problem is we are given such conflicting statements from the fitness industry in social media it’s hard to understand how to get to that desired result. Whatever your goal is, having an educated and qualified trainer can be essential to dispel any fitness myths and provide a safe and effective plan. 

Let’s tackle the term “toned”

Many women who I have worked with over the years have asked to get “toned”.  The phrase has become somewhat a negative term or the end of a joke in the fitness realm:

“I want to be toned, but not bulky”. What women are really asking is “how do I look great, feel great, lose body fat and not look masculine”. Again everyone’s ideal body is different, I also have many women who want to put on muscle mass to be stronger! 

Being toned is just another way of saying you want to lose fat and increase lean muscle mass to look leaner.

You accomplish that by lifting weights and eating high-quality foods over long periods of time with consistency. Strength training, lifting weights and gaining muscle is an important part of the equation. While we can lose body fat and overall body weight, having muscle mass provides the more defined, “toned”  image many are looking for. 

The fitness industry has done a good job at presenting strength training as a very masculine endeavor.

Men lift weights and as a result, get huge bulging biceps and broad chests.

If you went out for a short run once do you think you would be ready to run a marathon? Probably not, right? You can run for enjoyment, to sprint, to go long distance, but to accomplish any successfully you would still need to follow a plan. 

Lifting weights is simply one tool to accomplish fitness goals, but the tools must be used with the correct plan to get the desired result. You can lift weights to gain massive amounts of muscle or lift weights in a certain way to have a “toned” smaller muscular appearance. 

A huge factor in reaching a fitness goal is also comfort! Because of many of these fitness myths and ideals in our head maybe lifting weights seems very foreign or intimidating. 

That is what I am here for! Set up an individual, free consultation today to help you feel confident in your fitness journey! DM for a training plan, no matter your experience level with lifting weights. 

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