Exercise The Overlooked Moves in Today’s Fitness Training

The Overlooked Moves in Today’s Training

For decades we’ve looked at bodybuilders as our fitness idols. Although they have taught us some of the most effective and knowledgeable training techniques in the fitness world, their main goal is just to build good looking muscles.

Due to the hype they’ve received in the past years and fitness magazines pushing them, our overall fitness workout programs seemed to revolve around them for years. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, just that it isn’t for the general population of today’s world, who are typically inactive and need to work on their base foundations and mobility restraints.

I think in today’s world, the public should be more open to full body movement style training and start incorporating positions like tall kneeling and half kneeling and split stances for upper body development.  When we start using things like this, we’re able to give the general population what is more appropriate for them.

Styles like this can help improve posture, work your central nervous system, increase core and hip strength and stability, and develop a deeper sense of kinetic chain awareness, which in the long run will result in less overall loss of power and strength as we age.

By adding these positions, we are taking out links or our kinetic chain and rebuilding each link stronger to form an overall stronger chain.  Yes, to some people this may seem like it’s regressing backward to more simple forms of training, but I ask you this: if you build a house with a wooden frame and you have the option to go back and reinforce with a more durable steel frame, wouldn’t’ you do it?

Even top athletes go back to using these positions to restrengthen and add to what they may have lost over time.


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