Exercise The Importance Of Resistance Training For Women Over 40

Resistance Training For Women Over 40

The Importance Of Resistance Training For Women Over 40

“I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t wanna get big!” Admit it, you’ve probably said or thought this before. I know it!

This seems to be a very common attitude women over 40 tend to have regarding weight lifting, however, it’s more important now than ever! There are a few reasons for this so we’re gonna go over each one individually.

1. Your hormones are changing!

Now you’re probably thinking “what does a man in his twenties know about hormones & menopause?” This is a fair question to ask! Although I’ve never personally experienced menopause or a menstrual cycle I know that as women ages she will start to notice vast changes in her body. Namely she will start to gain fat mass, especially around the thighs, glutes & stomach which just won’t happen to go away no matter how much you diet, or run on the treadmill! This is because after age 30 Women lose 6% lean tissue per decade. This is what causes certain areas of your body to hang or sag. Have you ever had one of your friends comment about the skin under their arm which “wasn’t like that a few years ago”? This is because she lost lean tissue which was keeping her muscle & skin cells tight. This of course can be fixed through weighted resistance training. Allowing you to feel comfortable in your changing body while limiting & in some cases reducing the effects of aging!

2. Another fundamental reason women over 40 need to lift weights is that it helps to strengthen & rebuild bones!

“Rebuild bones, what do you think I am some kind of alien?” Before you look at me like I have four noses just hear me out. When you exercise you create microtears in the muscle that result in muscular growth. The same thing happens with your bones (yes it’s true!). When you resistance train you create microfractures in your bones (which is way less painful than it sounds I promise!) These microfractures allow your bones to become stronger! This is why statistically Women who participate in resistance training tend to be less susceptible to breaking bones!

Ready to hear the “magic” in this? You don’t have to pound weights like a bodybuilder! You just have to lift moderately heavy weights 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your excellence trainer today & schedule a 15-minute call to see how resistance training can help you! https://calendly.com/hiitexcellence/15min


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