ExerciseTrainers The Benefits of Online Training (Part 1)

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3 main reasons to start online training


So you want to workout and make progress but not sure where to start. You might have been going to the gym and initially started to see results, but no more?

You’re starting to get tired of not seeing results from the hard work you have put in. Work and commitments can get tricky and sometimes it might seem like an impossible task to get to the gym…

Sound a bit like what has happened in the past or even now?  You need guidance, a plan and accountability. 

You should consider online training. Trust me it’s a game-changer. 

Here are 3 reasons below why starting to train online will massively benefit you and get you the results you want! 

1- Flexibility 

Having an online training programme allows you to workout on your own time. Being able to customise and move the training days to suit you will allow for greater adherence to the workouts. The pressure of fitting in workouts into every tiny space of free time is no longer an issue. Within the app you can move a workout to a day that best suits you.  This also takes the pressure off having to complete workouts on the day they are set. Usually if you miss a workout you feel guilty for not doing it, with the ability to move the workouts to the next day, this problem goes away. 

2 – Professional advice

We all know we need to eat better and workout more. There is so much jargon on the internet that it can be hard to decipher what is useful and what isn’t. Through training online with someone, they can cut through all of that and give you specific helpful advice for YOU. 

Rather than going for a generic pre-made plan that 1000’s of people buy and which is not suitable for their goals, online training takes your personal goals and situation into account.  

When working out, most people go through the motions and don’t understand why they are, or more likely not making progress. Having an expert at the end of your finger tips providing you with advice and knowledge enables you to understand why you are going to make progress and why what you are doing works. It completely takes the guesswork out of the workouts. 

3 – Communication  + Accountability

Communication is key with anything, especially working out. Most people stop working out as they feel they haven’t made progress and if they stop no one will care. When you have someone on your side, communicating with you and on the journey with you it provides a sense of accountability.

This accountability is often what drives performance. No one likes letting someone down. When you have someone who is looking out for you, the thought of letting them down is a massive motivator to go to the gym and smash that workout you have been putting off.

Understanding why you are doing what you are doing and having a clear picture will provide you with clarity. This clarity about how far along the journey you are will inspire and motivate you, not leave you feeling stranded.

Oftentimes we can feel so far away from where we want to get to that it seems impossible so we give up. Once we understand the process of how to get there and where we are in relation to the bigger picture we gain clarity and then motivation from it. 

  • Through whatsapp 
  • Through the app that is used 
  • Access on your mobile and understand what you are doing. 
  • Instagram benign able to send videos to and from 
  • Great as sometimes you can feel lost when pursuing a goal and not know how far along you are or if what you are doing is working
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