Exercise Post-Workout Cool Down Stretches and Exercises

stretches and exercises

Here is a list of Post-Workout Stretches and Exercises you can perform to cool down after your workout, and in order to prevent injury.

Light jog

Have a light jog just faster than walking pace to lower the heart rate and the breathing rate.

Standing hamstring stretch

Start in a standing position, lean over and try to touch your toes. The aim is to keep your legs straight (extension) and touch the toes.

Works: Hamstring

Side lunge

This is performed like a normal lunge except instead of moving your leg forward; it goes out to the side. Take a large step out with one leg, sink the hips down, the outward leg should be bent (flexion), hold and then come back up. Repeat with the other leg.

Works: Hamstring and groins

Standing calf stretch

From a standing position, take a step back with one leg, the front leg should be bent (flexion) and the back leg should be straight (extension). On the back leg you should keep pushing the heel down to the floor to get the full stretch. Alternate legs.

Works: Gastrocnemius


Sit on the floor; tug your legs in towards your groin and lean forward, this should encourage you to stretch out your groin. For an additional stretch use your elbows to push down on your legs.

Works: Groin

Quad stretch

Quad stretch – Bring your foot towards your glutes (flexion) and grab your foot (around the laces), hold for about 10 seconds and then switch legs.

Works: Gastrocnemius


Lift one foot on to the leg, just above the knee, squat down to about 90 degrees.

Works: Glutes and hip flexor

Walking calf raises

Whilst walking forward, go up onto your toes and keep walking.


Torso twists

In a standing position rotate the upper body. Keep the hips in the same place and twist by using the shoulders.

Works: Lower back, abdominals, and deltoids

Knee raises

Lift your knee up (flexion) to about waist height and then using your arms pull your knee towards your chest to complete the stretch. Alternate legs each rep.

Works: Glutes and hip flexors

If you’re looking for a list of pre-workout stretches and exercises, read my previous post.

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